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  1. so combing through Rock auto some more it seams that the rotor on the 88' shrunk form 11.215" OD to 10.160'. OD. The Rotors suggested in all the Rear conversion article say to use the 200sx Rotor which on RockAuto show as 10.150" OD. So in order to get the 88 calipers/brackets to work I'd need to find a Rotor that is 1.055" smaller than even the 200sx rotor I'd imagine. does such a Rotor exist in our bolt pattern?
  2. Well noted on the small to zero cost difference between the junkyard pieces + rebuild cost and re-manufactured ones. I can't seem to find a new or Re-manufactured set of 82-83 200sx or 86-87 Maxima calipers. It seems there are plenty of Right rear re-maned calipers, but no Lefts to be found, they are out of stock everywhere I look. you can however find both rears for the model year 1988. I didn't want to be out the full re-manufactured price on a "might work" situation, so did end up going to the junkyard and picked them up 😁. Total for both with brackets and hardware was $88. The plan is of course to rebuild if they end up working with some other Rotor. Should i measure the distance on the bracket from the hub mounting point to the caliper mounting point to compare to the 86-87 measurement? I would think this would give the rotor size difference, no? I figured it was a small price to pay even if they didn't end up working we'd learn something new. If they do end up working with a different rotor, then we all have a new option. it will be a while before i can get an answer as i don't have any of the custom mounting brackets. when I do I'll update here. Thanks all for helping a 510 newb.
  3. I think I'm going to bite the bullet if the price is right. They are at a local junkyard. It's a small investment to find out if we can expand our options for swap parts. I'll report back later
  4. Hello all, First post and question. wanted to know if anybody knows what the difference is between the 1986-1987 rear calipers from the maxima and 1988 model year. the Chassis appears to be the same. i do see that part#'s are different if you try to buy them on Rockauto for example. all of the articles that i have seen reference 86-87 calipers for the 510 conversions. did Nissan make a significant change in 1988, the last model year for this chassis? Is the change in size and dimension of the discs or mounting points making unusable with the custom caliper bracket adapters? I ask because i have access to purchase a set of 88 calipers, but no 86-87 calipers. any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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