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  1. That's interesting I did not know that was a thing. I will look into it more and see if I like that option. Thank you!
  2. Hey guys, sorry for the long wait on an update but it is finally here. So we have done a lot to my 521 recently. I took your guys' advise and got a weber carburetor, it looks so much better. My boyfriend found some seats that would work good with me and the truck. We have done a few smaller things like replaced the shift knob, put in a wink mirror, and started waxing it with a high speed buffer. Also I have read your feedback and you can trust that I will not be doing a full body paint job on my truck. I love the patina and don't want to get rid of it.
  3. No the front fender says Datsun 1600
  4. Hopefully these pictures come through OK
  5. Sorry about the pictures I am going to try to fix that. What do you guys use to post photos? I got low profile tires so they won’t be too big 215/35 R18. Thank you guys for all your advice and I really appreciate it!
  6. This is my first project car and I am proud to say it is a 1970 Datsun 521. This truck was abandoned in Montana and hasn't been driven since 1989. I am going to be learning so much on this journey and I hope you guys would like to join in and see my progress as I continue. Luckily my roommate is amazing with Datsun's and he is going to help me and teach me everything I need to know. So far we washed the exterior, took off the side mirrors, took off a beat up old camper top, cleaned trash out of the cab, and degreased the engine a bit. I was able to find Nissan Titan 18" wheels and we are going to put new tires on them this week. With just a little bit of soap and water and a large trash can my truck already looks so much better can't wait to keep working on it!
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