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  1. Sorry to all you guys that have been effected by the shooting up there. That doesn't scare me though, im still checking around
  2. Actually when i made my username, I brought it from NWDE. I also had a 521, and a 12 inch goatee. I recently have shaved it. AnywAnyways, thanks for the input. This post has gotten me more feedback then I've ever seen
  3. Well this is getting nowhere quick. And I do not smoke the pot
  4. I'd like to stay within a days drive from my family.
  5. Who's all from Oregon, and whats a good spot to live? Been thinking about a significant change in my life, and getting out of Cali might be a start. Whats the least rainy spots, but not like a desert? Oh, and the least amount of tweakers. Thx in advance
  6. Alright lady's who's coming for real? I'm sure everyone knows I no longer have my truck, but I'm still pollin either way. I took the whole day off to chill out. So if anybody wants to come through earlier. Let me know
  7. Meeting up at in n out at 7:30 in Modesto. So drop your cocks and grab your docks
  8. Me and my bro. will be in the truckster for sure. Gino save me a spot suka. Bringing the large canopy for shade. Might even bring my daughter to hang out with dad. Truck will be for sale. Might bring a part or two to clear the garage. See you fuckers there. And don't forget Graffitti in a couple weeks.
  9. Well is it canceled or still on? I'm back in town
  10. Well I'll be heading back tomorrow. No luck I guess.
  11. I wouldn't mind meeting some so cal Ratsun brothers. We may go to Disneyland for a few, but it's not my cup of tea. Hit me up if any of u can, let me check out your rides. I roll with northern Cali Datslocos Club. U guys may have bought stuff from Gino/Datsloco& Justin Johnson/ The Keeper. We're all homies up there.
  12. Well are they on the Ratsun forum. I guess I could of done that, but I still haven't got much of a response.
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