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  1. So what. We all blushing? :blush. anywho, there is a 13b swapped datsun 620 that is super badass by a french guy. Hes super cool. I only know him through Instagram. his username is @pepsky_33 you could probably pick his brain about how he did it along with other stuff he did to the truck. It's sooooo clean.
  2. Ok, ill try the imgur thing but i'm doing this from my phone so hopefully it works.
  3. Still debating where I want to go with this project. Just cali style lowered, rally, or offroad.
  4. Hey guys, I got this 78 KC a month or so ago, I'll be posting stuff random about it. Just little things I do or find out that's cool and in case someone new like me who gets one and has the same issues. They have a thread to go to. I'm 17 in H.S. and my my dad had a 620( who's dad didnt) back in high school so now we are going to make a badass truck together.
  5. Right!?! Where's the DriFt MiSsiLe? Oh well... guess I'll just have to do itπŸ˜‰
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