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  1. It gets damn hot here in NM in the summers. The problem I had with a r134 conversion was actually in the condenser. A condenser made for r12 doesn't disipate heat well enough for a R134 system. The conversion I did blew cold until I had to stop at a light. The fans, working perfectly, just weren't enough to pull the heat off the stock condenser.
  2. Oilspot

    NM 521

    well frying my accelerator cable yesterday was a humbling experience! I started thinking about why that happened, and that led me to start searching about grounds, adding grounds etc. this morning. So far what I've picked up is that the cab, bed, engine, and frame are all somewhat isolated from each other for the most part. I see mention of adding grounds so I figure, in the name of not ever having to deal with any issues due to poor grounds in the future I'm going to spend a little extra time adding addressing this. I'd like to use existing bolt holes/ studs and avoid grounding through sheetmetal if possible. So whats the cleanest way to.... ground the body to the frame... bed to the frame....... Frame to the engine block.... etc.
  3. Oilspot

    NM 521

    Well i had always wanted a new throttle cable, lol. I'm an idiot, and I'm done for the day!
  4. Oilspot

    NM 521

    okay, so the black is ground, just wanted to make sure. I'm not sure why it was so damn hard to put in. Just couldn't find good angles to swing wrenches.
  5. Oilspot

    NM 521

    well... dumbass question. i've got a large guage yellow and a large guage black (both roughly 12ga) with an eyelet for the alternator. I'm guessing that I hook the yellow one to the B post on the alternator, and the black to the ground!?!?!?! Putting that damn alternator in sucked, not really sure why but it fought me the whole way in. Doing a universal joint in the truck yesterday sucked and fought me the whole damn time (coming out). I'm frustrated and really don't even wanna mess with the truck right now, but I need it for tomorrow.
  6. Oilspot

    NM 521

    Yeah that's the alternator bracket. It's out and I'm having to pick up a replacement in the morning.
  7. Oilspot

    NM 521

    Yeah it's a L16. Pardon the greasy mess! I sprayed down the immediate area around the hose with wd40 and scrubbed with a wire brush. Once I get the truck outside I'll hit it with this shit..... Somebody turned me onto it about 2 years ago. It's $1 at family dollar and works better than simple green!!!! Ill soak that greasy area for maybe 5min with this crap and spray it with a hose. It doesn't mess up aluminum or leave a weird film. It should come super clean and I don't have to make a mess of my shop floor for the time being.
  8. Oilspot

    NM 521

    After a lot of searching I found the nissian part number for the l shaped heater hose under the fuel pump. Local dealership got it for me in roughly 24hrs. One last thing I've gotta hassle with! Kinda hard to tell at a glance but it is two different inside diameters.
  9. Oilspot

    NM 521

    Oh yeah, I had another problem come up this weekend. I need to replace the small 90degree piece of heater hose right under the fuel pump. Of course it's unavailable, and the local parts stores don't wanna let me roam around to see if there's another preformed heater hose I can cut the chunk outta that I need. Anybody have a part number or make/yr/model on a piece of preformed heater hose I can cut this little chunk out of. The previous owner had just done a big ol' goofy loop to connect this, I really don't wanna have to go that direction.
  10. Oilspot

    NM 521

    Thank you!!!! This kinda info is gold!
  11. Oilspot

    NM 521

    So here's a lowered suspension/ experience question. I'm adjusted down 2 clicks in the front, adjusted a touch nose down with 4" blocks in the back. I hadn't pulled the front bump stops out yet (because theyre tucked behind the shock), so I started getting around to that this weekend. I'm have a set of the energy suspension low pro urethane units I've planned to put in there, but then I got to thinking.... Has anybody here run without bump stops in the front with a similar drop? With normal driving will I be slamming metal to metal a lot or will the spring catch it before that? I'm used to driving lowered shit and know where all the "trouble spots" are in town.
  12. Oilspot

    NM 521

    An option!!! But it sounds like a few weeks turnaround time and prob a good chunk of change!!!!!
  13. Oilspot

    NM 521

    well a large chunk of masonite (not 100% that's the material) roughly8x18" had slipped down between the bed and cab. It had wiggled over and was resting on the small portion of the driveshaft. Friction + masonite = a new wtf catalog entry of unpleasant/ concerning smells coming from yet another old dusty vehicle I choose to pilot around town. two front u joints look good, rear u joint needs replacing soon but should be fine for a week or two unless I start dumping the clutch trying to do burnout/ drift maneuvers. the drive shaft carrier bushing/ bearing unit doesn't exactly hold the drive shaft super snugly. I've dealt with these before but I'll be honest.... I'm can't remember how tight they should hold the center section of the driveshaft in place.
  14. Oilspot

    NM 521

    I know it's not trans fluid. I know and hate that smell after having to live/ sleep covered in that shit for a couple of days when I was in my early 20's. Good times
  15. Oilspot

    NM 521

    I got the tailights put in over the weekend. I'm happy with em! Was doing a long reverse leaving work the other day and it sounded like the u joints need replacing. Then on the drive home there was a very strange odor, kinda like something getting hot, but like nothing I've ever smelt. Seemed like it was coming through the lack, for the most part, of a shift boot. Decided to park the truck till I can get it up on jack stands this weekend.
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