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  1. (808)jay

    i think it's time........

    nice set up the whole thing 500 ineed a intake but the whole top half would be good
  2. (808)jay

    Nissan datsun parts

    i think i might need the intake mani
  3. (808)jay

    ka24e header for sale *4 to 1*

    still got it ? im sure it might fit a nap z
  4. (808)jay

    FS Mikuni 44mm phh carbs

    i need a manifold for napz 24 i could weld that to fit maybe....
  5. (808)jay

    Z20 Parts (free)

    intake manifold? whats the difrence to the napz 24
  6. (808)jay

    NAP Z 24 parts

    still got this set up?
  7. (808)jay

    dual solex carbs

    old post but hopefully you got that manifold , and if it fits napz 24
  8. (808)jay

    Mikuni Carbs with Cannon Manifold

    this manifold fit napz 2.4?
  9. (808)jay

    Twin 44mm Mikunis with EVERYTHING

    does that mean napz 2.4? too
  10. (808)jay

    matching pair of 45 webers for sale

    is this for a nap z 2.4?
  11. (808)jay

    z24 clutch

    still get?
  12. (808)jay


    i been looking for a nap z manifold for my two 40's and i got a L series duab manifold for OBO lets work a deal ..
  13. (808)jay

    looking for manifold

    mssg me and ill put price on it.
  14. (808)jay

    looking for manifold

    sure if you can i need it badly..

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