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  1. Elye

    nissan 720 4x4

    the front differential and transfer case is good what else could cause 4x4 not to work cv axle ?
  2. when i turn my lows the outer one works then when i turn my high beams on the right outer one turns off?
  3. Elye

    nissan 720 axles swap

    what axles would you guys put under a 1985 nissan 720 and what would line up factor or stock
  4. they begin after the year 720 1985 so it did not work
  5. what's the aftermarket variety on different gearing for ur front and rear diff
  6. the turn signals dont work at all and the my gauges work still yes
  7. so it wouldn't shut of so i removed the coil wires so it would die and when i put them back on was wondering if they where on there right and so i changed them around and it shuts off 90% of the time but sometimes doesn't
  8. My '85 Nissan 720 will not shut off when I turn my key off. Even when I remove the key from the ignition and unplug it still runs. I've changed the ignition even tested what could it be.
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