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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I need one stainless headlight bulb retaining ring for my '72 521. Thanks.


    , New Hampshire - US

  2. OK, thanks guys. If I can get the cam off, I can turn it down on my lathe. I'm assuming it isn't hardened. If it is, I can grind it. T
  3. OK, that sounds reasonable. I thought maybe mounting holes would have to be drilled in the plate or something, which is easy enough if needed. I don't have the Pertronix yet. I actually have a couple of the distributors so can choose the better one. Thanks for the info. T
  4. Stoffregen: I think I've seen you mention in a couple of threads that it's possible to make the Pertronix work in an L16 dual point distributor. I've searched online and in the forums for info on doing this, but to no avail. Can you direct me to a procedure? Finally got my engine back from the machine shop after 6 months and I'm starting to assemble it. T
  5. Time Left: 7 days and 10 hours

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    Looking for a floor bracket for seat on my 521 project. One of mine was removed for mounting bucket seats. Thanks


    , New Hampshire - US

  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for a door hinge spring for my 521 restoration project, like the one in the pic. Thanks.


    , New Hampshire - US

  7. OK, perfect. That clearly answers the question. Thanks so much for taking the pic.
  8. OK, good. That pic would seem to indicate aft and down. I searched for a pic like that and couldn't find one.
  9. Thanks for the response. I have that pic from the Service Manual. It would make it appear that the supply port points aft, but doesn't clearly show if pointing up or down. Mine points up. I tried it down and I think it's better. I saw another diagram that almost made it look as though it pointed forward.
  10. Here's a link to a pic of my current orientation: https://www.flickr.com/photos/27608242@N04/51320655920/in/album-72157719558232469/
  11. Does anyone have a picture of the banjo fitting on the front brake at the wheel cylinder that will show the correct orientation? Mine had/has the supply port pointing up and aft, and it does not seem quite right. The brake hoses come close to contacting the suspension when turned to the stops.
  12. Thanks! Very clear instructions. I'll give it a try when I put my engine back together. T
  13. Stroffregen: you referenced setting up the cam timing using a dial indicator several times. Can you give a quick tutorial on how to do that? Thanks. T
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