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  1. so it can not be lined up and put on backwards?? gee/ i have now narrowed the NO spark down to two things...

    either bad electrinic ignition unit or bad pick up coil.. or maybe  a loose wire or bad gap - did not look for those yet..

    is it super easy to put on the 208zx matchbox  dizzy???  anyone know which wires go from coil to dizzY for that??

    why are a few people saying my dizzy looks crooked or like a right shoe on a left foot??? how do i fix that???

  2. A. how can you tell when engine is on compression stroke for tdc?

    b,.what happens if oil pump rod to dizzy is in wrong?

    c. can the dizzy be put on backwards or wrong from the top when it gets put on..??

    what " mount on front cover" are you refering to?? that people sometimes put on backwards???

    how can i post a photo???


    I have been informed it looks like my dizzy was put in off kilter.  not put in properly..  can someone explain to me how this happens.>?  should vacuum point to front of car or drivers headlight? does it need to be flipped around? re adjusted? wrong dizzy? mount to engine on wrong?

    i was also told that this is caused by the oil pump gear haft/rod put in wrong. but how does that change where the dizzy sits??  i have looked in the fsm how the dizzy goes on but it does not show how it goes on the mount to engine.  this car has never sparked so something is messed up here.  any help would again be great.. they previous owner had all plugs lined up from 6 at fan and  1 at firewall...


    how can i post photos????


  4. after more work today i can tell you the following.. we cant get spark.

    when the key is turned on the only wire getting power is the black/white.

    i put that black/white  to the + on coil - blue to neg coil.  also attached to the black/white is a black/green  i think... ( not mentioned in manual) in my photo..

    also -its electronic ignition... i took a photo of the Ignition control unit.. a bit rusty  

    also there is no mark for spot 1 on distributor cap..


    we held end of coil wire to ground when trying to start and no spark...

    where do i go now???

    can i post photos here??


  5. ok.. so you are saying there should only be power going to the pos on the coil with the key in on position.. so why am i getting power to pos and neg? did they hook the wrong wire to the neg? is something else causing it? if points are closed would it cause power to neg?  if the ignition module was bad would i still get power up to coil?


    that diagram does not show color of wire to coil..  or do you see something else?

  6. other question is how to check for spank coming out of coil? can i test for that with bulb in screwdriver? when i try to start car would it light up if connected to end of coil and grounded? would it light up or not? does there need to be a gap?

  7. i could not find a diagram - even in the fsm that shows what color wires going to coil...  do you have any idea on that??

    \fudge...  so if  the module is bad i wont get a spark?? oh man... how can i narrow the problem down to the ignition module??


  8. ok.. but main question is... when key is in the on position ( not start ) should i have power going to both pos and neg of the coil?? does that mean things are working? 

    what will the bad effect be if the ignition module is bad??


    what color is wire to neg side of coil?? i think previous guys had all wires mixed up//

  9. Hi...  my main question is 

    a. should i see power to both pos and neg sides of the coil when i turn the key to the power position?

    b. does the black/white wire go to pos or neg?


    c. would a screw driver with bulb in it work to see power out of coil if it is going from end of coil to a ground on car? would it light up when car is turned to start position or not? does there need to be a gap?  i was just poking it to a ground....



  10. ya.. i did those test. when the key is turned on just to power - both wires going to the coil have power  pos and neg ..  is that wrong??? only one should have power when key is on and other one when key is turned to start car??  if this is the case -  what is going on?? does my car have an electronic unit under the dash?? i assume its a points car... if it has an old style distributor.. i assume its points... i cant post photos.. so maybe you can walk me through this..

    its a 74 260z



  11. I have a brand new msd coil. when car key is turned on i have power to a black/white and blue wire / I need to know which goes to the negative and which goes to the positive on the coil the wire diagram says black/white to pos and other to neg. i tried that and when i turn key to ignition nothing happens.. tried wires other way and nothing happened. i am very close as i have power going right to the coil but not coming out of coil.. i checked fusable links.. all look good..
    what is wrong here?? the way the wires are hooked up? or is there something else im missing??
    can someone post photo of coil wiring

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