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  1. i got ya... my problem is that i just cant get to the relay to test it or find the horn wires in the harness area.. what else can i do??
  2. I have not been able to get horns to work - no power up to horn + power wire.. i have power on the button on steering wheel.. trying to find the greens going to the relay but can not locate them.. is this the relay that i have the red arrow??? this relay has no male spades on it.. only a black wire covering holding some wires that i cant see what thye are - the wires are burried behind other relays and wire plugs... fsm shows this as the horn relay....
  3. got those working... unplugged c3 c4 c5 plugged em back in and fuel amp working.. done!
  4. bloody gauges are driving me crazy.. what are the odds the fuel, amp , temp and oil are all dead,,, must be one related thing doing that///
  5. OH--- what about this while checking horn wires.... when key is on i have power on steering wheel horn button and on green wire leaving horn on back of steering wheel.. under dash passengers side - at the plug that goes in to relay i have power on two wires in the plug.. nothing changes when i hit the horn button.. is that correct prior to getting hooked up to relay?? or is something supposed to happen when i hit the button??? or is that only after relay is hooked up and working??
  6. another fuse question.... if i put in the wrong amp fuse but power still goes through the fuse will it effect the item from working.. say the gauges are a 20amp fuse and i put 10amp in will they still work or not???? i am not sure what amp fuses went in so to be safe i think i went lower on several...
  7. bloody gauges are driving me crazy,,, none working - - where do i look first??? fuses are ok.. where do i go after that???
  8. also - while checking the fuse box with the tester - of the 14 fuses in there, i had power going through 12 of them ( only two that did not show power were headlights as they were off ) all the other stuff was also off and not powered on - so should it all show power??? or is this wrong? should it only show power at fuse box when that item is turned on???
  9. ya...most of my dash lights are out.. one one that works is tach and heater panel.. rest are out...
  10. used an electrical tester and no power there.. i assume you dont have to press the light socket button in where the bulb does..?? i just grounded my tester and poked in there and scratched around.... no power... on both front ones... is there a relay or a ground i may be able to find? im trying to find side markers on eklectrical diagram but cant find them in fsm for 260
  11. 74 260z - just got my rear markers working after taking off steering wheel controls and they magically started working - but front ones still dont work.. any thing to try??
  12. oh boy.... so if the key is on and no power to the black link i have a problem.. where do i look..?? wire diagram?
  13. i have 2 fusible links on firewall near battery. should they both have power when key is turned to power position? right now only green one does.. i have a bunch of dead electrical stuff.. could it be from the black one? or does black one only get power when car is running??
  14. could it be a fusible link? i have 2 by firewall... only one gets power when key is to power position...
  15. ok..so here is whats going on... checked all fuses... only fuse with no power are headlights - as they were not on.. so all fuses worked.. horn does not work, windsheild wipers click, washer, clicks, no fan, no no turn signals no dome lights.. and no guages,, no fuel volts temp etc.. all dead here are some photos of wires .. relay under drivers feet.. rest in the steering colum... does black need to be somewhere or grounded? does red go to black connectors?? wire off from signal stem... could there be one thing that is causing al this?/ a fuse a relay???? any ideas...
  16. which part is the breaker plate>?? the plate under the rotor?
  17. when sucking there is no movement.... i will just leave it attached and run without it working
  18. apparently the vacuum advance does not work on the 280zx matchbox dizzy i just put in my 260.. is that ok? i have been told car will run fine without it and some guys dont even hook it up... when sucking on hose nothing happens - when the mechanic did that.. what will effects be without it? can i change the vacuum advance ? can i fix it?? thanks
  19. god.. i wish i could remember,, the car was so loud on the outside and just trying to keep the doors from swinging open.. when i stopped i just heared a banging from behind seat
  20. i will be driving it to the shop tomorrow.. i will need to take notes...
  21. the banging/ knocking was happening when in neutral... i think
  22. can you show me an image of a half shaft? i just though a u joint in rear and a u joint in front..
  23. banging was near back of seat area near ledge behind seat/ i will assume rear u joint
  24. its a 4 speed... i cant really recall what happened.. we drove it a few times.. i drove around the block and at one point got stuck.. im not an expert manual driver.. maybe it was not fully in gear - it was like i was revving it and was not going anywhere and it was going to die, so i put it in neutral to rev it... after that back in first and who knows what was going on.. i finnaly got back to the starting point. when i got there i gave it a few revs in neutral and heard the knocking noise.. my pal never heard the knocking when he was driving but he may have been going faster. i was driving super slow...
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