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  1. i put in broken door handle from drivers side to passenger side,,,, it will technically work but half of the handle still pulls out of the door.. it wont last long.. its like a half arse handle .... im trying to jb weld it so it will work more like a normal handle..
  2. the door latch that holds the door closed ( maybe call the striker? ) is not clicking when i flick it.. it just springs back,,, therefor the door wont stay closed.. a) can this be fixed? is something jammed in the spring area inside the door?? b) is it broken and need replacing? c) how do you get that thing out??? d) also the plastic cylinder that holds the door handle rod will not go up and down.. its also stuck in place.. not sure if that is related to the no click action...
  3. is there a special way to get this back panel back in without breaking it,... seems hard. is there a trick?????
  4. ok i have power going to two of the wires on drivers switch. how do i test it and make dome light go on?
  5. i do have a good test light... and no power on any of those wires on the drivers door pin switch... and also with the passenger door open, would it not turn the dome light on?? i am not getting it to go on any other way then me clicking the switch on the dome light... then it goes on...
  6. ok... lets try this. -- i have a door pin switch with 3 black wires ( rusty ) new switch coming.. i have a passenger side switch (ok ) dome light - i fixed click switch and have new led in there. the door pin switch is out and rusty - not grounded to car right now. all doors open.. dome light is off ( should be on ). when i click the button on dome light it comes on as it should... then click it off. but i am assuming the light should be on as the doors are open... what do i do now? should any power be on the 3 black drivers door switch wires or they are all only grounds?? why wont passenger door switch make light go on? is it connected to drivers? i get power to the dome light its just not being grounded by the door pins switches...
  7. I have a dome light that has power going to it... the click switch works, but i cant get the door switch to turn the light on. the passenger door switch is good, the drivers side is in need of replacing... and is now out... shouldnt the passenger side door when open make the dome light go on?? does the drivers side need to be grounded? i tried doing that and no difference.. what do i need to do to get the switch to make the light go on?? what am i missing here? thanks
  8. I have a few old broken drivers side outside door handles that are broken where the rod attaches,,, i now realize i have a broker passenger side handle.. can i use the old drivers side handles for passenger side and just put the rod on the other side of the handle that is still good??? will that work or are the handles specific to the side???
  9. brand new jvc....JVC KD X270BT just wondering if new modern bluetooth decks always go on even if turned off prior..
  10. stereo was turned off.. any every time i turn the car on it goes on . why is it doing that?? i expect if i turn the stereo off then turn the car off, when i turn \the car on it would remain off... whats goin on here? batterry wire to bat and ignition to ignition.... any ideas???
  11. mine was rusted and got pushed in..need a new one .. does anyone know how i can access the wires from under drivers kick panel?? is it hard? can they be fished out?? are they in the area right by relay for flasher? any ideas??? got it out by foot area.. why is drivers 3 wires passenger 2 wires??
  12. i have the two wires in rear side of car where antenna goes, but i now have a new antenna... a black , red , green wire... is there a way to use my switch and make it go up and down? if i put the switch wire to red green it goes up but no way to get it down... how can i wire it to use the switch??
  13. hbs worked... that was an easy one... i must have had one wire marked wrong... horn works now... thanks... !!
  14. ok... got it... a few more questions.. 1. does the relay need to be solidly grounded to work? its way up there and grounding it is hard... 2. horn button is on after market steering wheel.. should there be any power coming off horn button or not? as its just a ground... 3. i had power to 2 of the wires when connected to the relay.. should there be constant power to 1 or 2 of the wires on relay..??
  15. 74 260z. wires going to the horn relay i have 3 wires.. the green/red has constant power but non of the other 2 do anything when the horn is pressed.... whats going on here? is this correct or wrong? i hear no clicking.... is green on middle or end as shown two different things in fsm.
  16. I have now removed the horn relay from way way up top. not seen in photo.. now im trying to figure out what the other ones are.. i know one is fan, one is defrost one is wiper.. whats the other and which is which.. the images in the fsm are totally wrong..can ya help me out..?? thanks is one seat belt buzzer? 74 260z
  17. anyone seen these 2 greens at the top circled??
  18. anyone ever see these 2 greens????
  19. oh i clipped the black off the back of the radio... ground i guess
  20. in the photo below - after taking stereo out.. are all the red circled areas original stereo wires? white black snipped off.. also is 1 a black wire that should be grounded?? and 2 seems like a wire should go in a bullet type connected going in harness... does any of this seem familliar?? what are the two greens? cant find on schematic..
  21. i do not hear the relay click... unless my ear needs to be right beside it... does it sound like relay is dead??? and how do i get out??? there is a philips screw up there and its rusty.. i put bp blaster on it.. but if i strip it im screwed.... one chance i guess...
  22. when i touch my test light to the green wire from horn on wheel it lights up and when i press horn button it goes off... is that correct or not..??
  23. here is the relay.. how in the world do i ever get this out..
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