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  1. does it look familliar? its not a mc guard... on my 260 tried a socket hammered on - cant get these locks of.. help!! photo 2 shows the splines....
  2. Trying to save myself from hooking it up twice. Does the way I have it now look right? Or flip it??
  3. this way or other way to start , so they work right... thaanks
  4. ya.. i think wire colors are the same... just a different plug...
  5. putting in a new wiper motor... two different plugs.. will the wires all be the same??? both six wire plugs...
  6. come to think of it... why are there 3 wires coming out of the motor?? they are all black....
  7. Ok. Do I need to ground the black and the blue to get it to run? I was only grounding black and pos to blue red. Only clicking. im confused. How many wires need to nd grounded?
  8. Yup. Did that and all I got was clicking at the best.
  9. So I’m simple terms how do I test the motor? Ground where abs power to where ? The only time I got clicking I had power to the blue red. Then tried grounding all over abs one wire gave a click.
  10. any clue how to test the motor if i have 3 black wires coming out of it...
  11. yes i got that blue red with power... but will there ever be any other with power? a pal said all other wires are grounds...
  12. does the wiper switch ground the wiper motor? so when i test it i should hook my test light up to the + on the battery and see if certain grounds will complete the cicuit in the wiper plug??? previously i was thinking i would see power on the wiper plug --
  13. what is that red blue?? used to have power all the time now no power...
  14. only power to blue red.... no other power on wiper plug with car on and switch on med low and hi ... power will not show anywhere else on plug.. is it even possilble to test for power on that wiper plug by using a test light??
  15. can i test other wires in the wiper plug? would the other wires be for other speeds??
  16. ok - cool.. tested blue red and have power there... so next step i think is get a new motor.... is there any thing else to test now that i have power there???
  17. ok.. so what do i do..? undo the tape around wires going to the plug.. find blue/red and see if there is power there? - what if there is no power there? i was getting a clicking before, but after i took motor off and worked on it there rested it on hood and tested it.. - it would click once then stop... also the washer clicked before now it only clicks once then stops.. im looking for the old honda wiper motor...
  18. i am looking at the plug with six wires. I tried my test light by grounding it and probing all six holes.. no power with wiper on.. fuse is ok... what else ? am i doing something wrong? thanks
  19. what else would be causing it to click when i try to turn it on??
  20. what else would be causing it to click when i try to turn it on??
  21. ok.. motor is apart.. magnets and inside of motor look ok... can i open the gear side of the unit where the plastic white gear is?? and how do you get those magnets back in with dental floss??
  22. 74 260 wiper motor just clicks when i turn on the wipers.. i assume the motor is seized.. the motor is out and does not spin.. any way to get it to loosen up and SPINNNN???
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