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  1. does it look familliar? its not a mc guard... on my 260 tried a socket hammered on - cant get these locks of.. help!! photo 2 shows the splines....
  2. Trying to save myself from hooking it up twice. Does the way I have it now look right? Or flip it??
  3. this way or other way to start , so they work right... thaanks
  4. ya.. i think wire colors are the same... just a different plug...
  5. putting in a new wiper motor... two different plugs.. will the wires all be the same??? both six wire plugs...
  6. come to think of it... why are there 3 wires coming out of the motor?? they are all black....
  7. ground which black,,,, there are 3 blacks....
  8. Ok. Do I need to ground the black and the blue to get it to run? I was only grounding black and pos to blue red. Only clicking. im confused. How many wires need to nd grounded?
  9. Yup. Did that and all I got was clicking at the best.
  10. So I’m simple terms how do I test the motor? Ground where abs power to where ? The only time I got clicking I had power to the blue red. Then tried grounding all over abs one wire gave a click.
  11. any clue how to test the motor if i have 3 black wires coming out of it...
  12. yes i got that blue red with power... but will there ever be any other with power? a pal said all other wires are grounds...
  13. does the wiper switch ground the wiper motor? so when i test it i should hook my test light up to the + on the battery and see if certain grounds will complete the cicuit in the wiper plug??? previously i was thinking i would see power on the wiper plug --
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