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    Contact me through private message and send photos of the vehicle if you have or know someone selling a 521 in good condition, in California. Near Los Angeles if possible.


    , California - US

  2. yea I like the 521 a lot better than the newer ones. not sure why there aren't any photos of the other side but the left side didn't look bad in person.
  3. Ok. Im from Los Angeles. supposed to be original 98k. thanks for all the opinions, I really appreciate it. Yea, I really like the truck but I initially felt like I should be getting a little more out of $5,500.
  4. yes, I went to look at it in person. It drove fine. took it on the freeway as well. Oh yea, the speedometer also doesn't work above 35mph but is prob just the cable.
  5. Owner said he won't go lower than $5500 but I def don't want to overpay so let me know your guys thoughts
  6. original motor with 98k miles supposedly. he said it sat for a while. new weber carb. new headers. new alternator. besides the things I already listed above that don't work, the heater doesn't work, the steering wheel doesn't have horn or turn signal cancel, when turn signal wires are plugged in, they stay on, radio only works when headlights are on, going to have to sort out the subwoofer and amp wiring, and no heat. body is fairly straight w a few bondo repairs that aren't too bad. has been repainted. here are more photos. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F7vzfCsH_4m_FxB9IHU0pdx_zNWSSIbOqiZDPEtDdZU/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Yea, I was about to buy it but the owner didn't have the title. He was getting it shipped to his house but the post office lost it so he's trying to get another one. Hopefully hell able to get it soon and ill be able to buy it. If I do, Ill see what's up with the door and let you know. thanks again. Also, do you happen to know if the 510 fender emblems fit on the 521? same pins?
  8. Thanks for the insight guys. Yea, my dad was thinking that the door lock rods could probably just be fabricated if that is what's wrong with it. The owner is asking $5,500 for it. here's a photo. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F7vzfCsH_4m_FxB9IHU0pdx_zNWSSIbOqiZDPEtDdZU/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Yea, I didn't get the chance to take off the door panel and look behind to see what exactly was wrong but we think it has to do with the rods or one of those parts on the lower left of this diagram. That is kind of deal breaker if I can't get the part I need to lock her up https://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/pickup-1965-1972/body/doors-locks-window-regulator/4#3 And in regards to the ignition light, the owner said it was a brand new alternator so that's strange. The wiring is kind of a mess in the cab so its possible that he doesn't have it wired up correctly I guess.
  10. Hi guys, Just got back from looking at a 1972 Datsun 521 and have some questions for you. There's a few things not working on the truck, and the things that are vehicle specific worried me since parts for these things are hard to find. The emergency brake didn't work but the owner thinks it is just the cable. I'm not positive this is the case, maybe you guys know if that is a usual issue or not, but I was able to find the cable on eBay so not too big of a deal. The next big thing is the drivers side door doesn't lock. I can't find any parts that go behind the door panel for the door locks. Do you guys know anywhere that'll have parts like that? I would say these are the two biggest things as I can't have a truck that doesn't lock or a truck that'll roll away. Also, is the ignition light supposed to be on? because it was. Any help is really appreciated. I'd like to get the truck but don't want to risk it getting broken into.
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