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  1. at the t on the alternator, I have the yellow wire and a green wire, not black. green is reading .03v and the yellow is now at .71 volts.
  2. it read .79 volts not running with key on
  3. there was an incandescent in there before I changed to the led and the problem was still happening. when testing the t, do I do it when the car is running and probe on positive battery post and other probe on the yellow wire?
  4. ok ill do that, so put the multimeter probes on the battery posts and then hold a quarter on each fuse one at a time. the meter shouldn't change right
  5. it is an led bulb and let me check
  6. 12.7 and 12.4 w headlights
  7. and jus got the old alternator tested and it was good which means its Gotta be something else
  8. battery is fine, reading 13 volts when car is not running.
  9. I checked the voltage on the battery when it was running and it was 10v. I had changed the voltage regulator before changing my alternator and the problem continued. I do have my old alternator, I was going to go get that tested today so I could see if it was even bad, because if its good, that would tell me that the problem is coming from somewhere else besides the alternator but I don't know where else it could be coming from. What would be the point of putting in another battery if the problem is coming from the charging system and not the battery?
  10. I changed the alternator, took it for a drive and it stalled on me and then wouldn't start. had to charge up the battery with a friends jumper cables to get it home. ignition light is still on. multimeter is reading 10 volts when the car is running. all grounds look fine and voltage reg was just replaced. Do you have any ideas on what the next thing to check would be?
  11. i had to sand down the thick plastic piece a little bit but I got it in there.
  12. I didn't replace the switch be cuz of the alternator issue
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  14. ok, thanks for the info. I ordered a alternator so gunna swap that in and hopefully it'll solve my issue as it was only reading 10V while running. I did clean all the fuses, fusebox, battery terminals/posts, and ground wires. I just ordered this ignition switch https://www.ebay.com/itm/294075476128?epid=2002078570&hash=item447843a8a0:g:B~QAAOSw0PtfyhPr and then realized it says its for a 1200, but does have the 5 wire connectors in the back. I have a 72 521 which also has the 5 wire connectors but is a 1600 and am wondering if this switch will work or not?
  15. Update: Put a multimeter up to battery while running and only was at 10 volts and pulled the positive off and the car stopped running so im going to swap the alternator. Hey guys, so my 521 has been having this problem… She’ll start up fine first drive of the day but if I drive it for like 20 minutes, turn it off and then try to start it, it won’t start. I have to use a portable jumper after this and it starts up every time with that. At first I got the battery starter and alternator tested at Autozone and the alternators voltage reg failed so I replaced the voltage Reg but it didn’t solve the problem. I got the battery tested again today, a few days after the voltage reg was installed, and now it said the battery is bad. I’m thinking alternator but the first test showed it was fine and I couldn’t test the alternator again today cuz the battery was bad so it didn’t allow the test. I cleaned the alternator and battery grounds which didn’t look bad. I am thinking ill disconnect the batteries positive terminal while its running to see if the truck turns off, so I can figure out if the problem is the alternator or not. Any insight on this? let me know
  16. My emergency brake does not work because it appears that I am missing everything after the front cable. After ordering this part-https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F7vzfCsH_4m_FxB9IHU0pdx_zNWSSIbOqiZDPEtDdZU/edit?usp=sharing - looking at the owners manual the previous owner gave me and looking under my car, I feel like that horseshoe piece that I have on my truck is not the same one in the diagrams I saw in the book. Even if it is, I feel like the 2 cables I ordered are lacking a cable to loop around that horse shoe piece... Any insight on this or other parts necessary for this job that you guys know of are appreciated!
  17. I cleaned my engine bay yesterday and when I started it up after, the turn signals, and the fuel and temp gauges on the instrumental cluster no longer worked. I heard that these are wired to a gauge voltage regulator on the back of the instrument cluster, that is powered off a fuse. I want to check if I blew a fuse before changing the voltage reg. Is the location of this fuse in the box in the top left corner of the engine bay?
  18. thanks, appreciated!
  19. Hey Guys, I just got a 1972 Datsun 521 and I have a few questions on some stuff that i'm trying to get working. Idk how to attach photos directly onto here so click the link to see photos of what i'm referring to. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F7vzfCsH_4m_FxB9IHU0pdx_zNWSSIbOqiZDPEtDdZU/edit?usp=sharing my first question, regarding the little quarter vent window: is the little button supposed to be able to be pressed in in order to open the window. Neither of my buttons on either side push in however my passenger side opens and closes just fine but on my drivers side, that latch that locks it in place will not move up enough to get the little window cracked. I was wondering what could be causing this? My next question is regarding the windshield wipers and if they are supposed to wipe the window in the traditional way a modern car does, meaning moving across the windshield in the same direction or if the wipers move inward towards each as mine are doing? Last one for now is if you guys know anywhere I would possibly be able to get this spring for this door lock piece, as my drivers side door doesn't have it, causing my door not to lock, or if I would just have to find one by finding someone who is parting out a truck.Thanks!
  20. why does the gap cause the horn and turn cancel not to work?
  21. I guess id have to go in for that because on their website, it only allows you to look at the vehicle records of your personal cars, and that's for 2$.
  22. The owner doesn't have the title or the registration so I was going to try to use the trucks vin number on one of the websites that tell you who the registered owner is.
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