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  1. I figured if the '80 looked super clean then maybe... Turned out to not be very clean at all. CV boots were good though! You've got through to me now - won't look at another one of those! '83 and up only.
  2. OK. FORGET that rusty yellow one! I took one look and ran the other way. Holes in the bed, rust all over the frame. Checking out an '80 tomorrow... so much for having honed my search down to '85 & '86! I'll post again once I've found one. I feel like I've already learned so much just skimming through threads here. Looking forward to digging deeper once I've got one. Awesome resource!
  3. Hey all, thanks for your thoughts. McFerg - that's a sweet looking 720. Pretty mindblowingly clean. Unfortunately, I have to have the 4x4, but thanks for the offer. I'm gonna go check out this rusty yellow 720 today. This one seems real cheap compared to the other listings I've watched sell, rusty or not - I may be able to get it for $800. I'm thinking that as long as the rust out is limited to the wheel arches it's not the end of the world. Rusty arches (I'd use some rust converter ASAP) would make me feel a little less guilty about winter driving as well. Ideally this
  4. Hey all, first post here. Don't own a 720, but I want one. Specifically a KC 4x4. Year doesn't matter. I have learned that these things don't seem to last too long when they're in good condition. I've also learned that 720s seem to get thrashed here in Idaho... I've seen a number of clean looking 720s pop up for sale on facebook marketplace but none of 'em have been in Idaho. So, the search continues. Any tips for me as I'm checking these things out? 720 quirks that I should keep an eye out for? I am 1st in line for an '85/'86 that looks pretty stock. Haven'
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