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  1. jncbot

    POST Craigslist ads here...

    http://eugene.craigslist.org/cto/2538396862.html I'm selling my 610.........if someone one here want to buy it, i'll do it for $850!
  2. jncbot

    14x7 Polished Turbine

    im up in eugene or.......but thanks for the idea, mine are gunky as f*ck!
  3. jncbot

    14x7 Polished Turbine

    i have a pair that that needs polishing, yours are super clean!!! what did you use! big ups on that shine:D hope they sell fast for ya
  4. jncbot

    jncbot's '76 610 4dr

    water pump, alt, some seals i think, could prolly use battery cables just to make sure that hasn't been an issue.....yikes:( and then who knows what else we will find! u got a 610 coupe now, don't you? hows that treating ya?
  5. jncbot

    jncbot's '76 610 4dr

    fix sell or trade......i don't really know yet....?? it still has a bunch of issues
  6. jncbot

    jncbot's '76 610 4dr

    :Dconcidering doing something with this car......now that weather has gotten nicer :D
  7. jncbot

    jncbot's '76 610 4dr

    I've just been too busy (mostly too broke!) to do anything to my car. It's been a shitty winter as far as rain and cold go. Jimmy and I are going to work on it when it gets nicer out, we were just talking about on st. paddy's day.....so until I get too frusterated, need to sell it, or find another car....jessi you'll be the first person I call!
  8. jncbot

    jncbot's '76 610 4dr

    Thanks Mirco....i will keep that in mind! When i get a carport, it will be on like donkey kong! until then im shacked up with lots of ladies, doing all kinds of medical salts:D and enjoying my rainy, awesome winter! and oh yeah, i just made my rent last moth my selling my art!!!!!! FUCK YEAH....i guess i really am an artist!:lol:
  9. jncbot

    jncbot's '76 610 4dr

    This is the music i promote...... i get the clubs, and dance parties poppin' off......don't hate if its not your style....music has come a long way!!! the new stuff is truely new tho.....this stuff has just now been created!!!! and i'm now in the studio about to lay down some tracks......so be ready 1 http://soundcloud.com/aleafauve/heyoka-diesel http://soundcloud.com/martypartymusic/martyparty-thexx-infinity-remix http://soundcloud.com/djbassel/rusko-sub-focus-hold-on-dj-bassel-remix http://soundcloud.com/stevenfrank/doctor-p-rasputins-gold So there r just a few cuts that are pretty fresh.......Just turn it way up....but you already knew that!!!
  10. jncbot

    jncbot's '76 610 4dr

    My l,ife just got crazy........read my stat update.... I run my town as a promotions guy! i work for 5 different clubs, bars, venues, and i party! my car has a water pump issue, alt promlem still, but see looks soooooo sexy all wet and matte green! ;0 face book me Nathaniel Klute....and you can see my life for the last 2 months. Just had ab ugly sweater party.....50+ friends!!! My car has pleny of yaers with me...my friends might not after this one.....im moving to a bigger city soon! Much love, ive been thinging about your car latel...it was so fun to ride in back in sept! i just dont have any kind of funds to work on my baby right now :( WhompStomp Wario-
  11. jncbot

    WTT: '92 240sx coupe for 610 wagon

    When I got mine back in June of this year, I had no idea they were even a car......I knew about all the other ones, but a 610. With that said, in the last few months older cars have hit the younger kids hard. SuperStreet has had a Back in tha Day section, featuring toyota's, honda's, mitsu's, and Nissan/Datsun's. But in the last year there has be pretty much a 510 or a Z featured as just a feature in every issue. The 610 wagon that we r all talking about was in the front of the mag for the sept. issue. Face it, are cars just got cooler last year!! :) Good luck finding one buddy.....you'll need it!!!
  12. jncbot

    Welcome Skunk (Kelly) to P-town!!!!!!!!

    damn skib, that was hella fast!
  13. jncbot

    88 200sx SE

    man i really want this......but i am broke as shit right now! if i somehow fall into $ soon, i'll be taking this off your hands Hope it sells for ya tho......so you can get that 610 to pimpin' pimpin' status!
  14. they look nice, but are they cheaply made tho....? and do u just have the one pair?
  15. jncbot

    Granade Shift knobs

    Any luck on the Auto shift knob yet?

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