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  1. Nice! Do you happen to know if these mirrors were like a dealer option? I have em on my 77 620, but I can’t seem to find any info on these mirrors.
  2. Thanks Mike! Oddly enough the smog technician failed it because he said timing was off, “ it’s at 20 but supposed to be at 10” is what he said. He also noted that the hose that goes to the air filter was “tampered” with because PO put electrical tape on the clamp side. And he said the Evap canister wasn’t there but I was looking through it last night, the canister is there with all lines attached and going to the correct locations. I’m going to take the truck to a mechanic and have him check it out.
  3. So I’m going to go ahead and buy a timing chain kit since the timing is off. I might as well install a new kit. Do y’all recommend any specific brands? I googled it and a bunch come up. I’m not familiar with any of the brands that come up. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks fellas!
  4. Haha dumb Cali emissions lol. I just missed it by one year.
  5. Thanks Mike! I see you’re the Datsun guru! I am located in California, and the truck is a California truck. The PO removed the entire canister and hoses. Smog technician said it’s completely gone. I then checked and didn’t see anything. what other components would I need besides the canister itself?
  6. Thanks for the quick response. I can’t figure out how to upload pics using a url. Not too tech savvy.
  7. What’s up fellow Datsun owners. I just purchased a 77 Datsun 620 King cab Deluxe. Figured I’d introduce myself to the OGs. I purchased this truck as my daily/project. I plan to keep it as original as possible with few tasteful mods. The OG L20B runs like a champ and trans shifts smoothly. Overall truck is in it’s original state. No rust/cancer as it’s a Cali truck. With that being said, I went to smog the truck and it failed due to the previous owner removed the Evap canister and timing is off. I’ve been searching for a new canister that’ll fit but no luck yet. I found one on eBay that’s spec
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