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  1. Sorry. I said it was going to run good ( I thought) after cleaning up and starting it last night, but this morning it was the same old story... I could turn the distributor clockwise or counterclockwise, 3/4 of a turn, 1/2 of a turn, it didn’t matter, it still runs, but not smooth. it seems like the plug wires are crossed or something but I’ve checked it out so many times I’m dizzy from it anyway it’s electronic ignition distributor is there a way to just convert my double point distributor original one over to electronic ignition? I’m getting real frustrated on this thing and
  2. The 521 pick up that my son inherited from his grandpa has a original stock/2 sets of points distributor in it ( # D412-84 & under those #’s is 111) we Why did you convert to electronica commission distributor just to have less moving parts and hotter spark. We bought The HS-HIT4 distributor w/3HIT4U1 electronic components already installed and ready to install ( supposedly) . after opening the box looking at the invoice and such inspecting a distributor I realize that the plate to hold the distributor down it’s not the same as the original one so I switched the plate over
  3. Triple checked the wires..1342 ccw on the cap. After welding the holes closed late last night, I did get the carb back on. I turned it over after putting tools away and clean up. It started right up and sound 10 times better then before. I need to get a timing light on it and fine tune the carb and I’m sure it’ll be great. Thanks to everybody for your insight. My first time working on a Datsun. In the future I know where to go for help. Thanks again
  4. Ok, sorry I wasn’t very clear. Battery drained = I meant it’s dead from turning it over so many times. Got a new one.. distributor, it had the original distributor with 2 sets of points in it. Bought a new electronic distributor with the Bosch coil due to the higher output. So I bypassed the ballast resistor. Now it starts, and runs. And runs as long as I leave it on, but it sputtering and sounded like misfiring, that’s why I said maybe 180 off on distributor ( when I’ve worked on Chevy V8’s, you get the wires off on holder putting the distributor back in and not getting on TDC & #1 on the
  5. Forgot, also purchased new battery. Still starts, carb seems to work fine, but runs rough still. Not sure what to check next, help please!!!
  6. I emptied the tank, put fresh gas in it. Put new plugs, wires, cap rotor, coil, carburetor, voltage regulator, new oil filter. Starts, but dies after about 10 seconds. Finally drained the battery after adjusting points and carb, and timing. Still does the same. Checked wiring ( ignition) and no problems. After several tries I noticed one set of points not staying set . Found that the screw hole to set the points was stripped out on one set of points. I purchased a el distributor along with the Bosch coil. Now I read you don’t need the ballast resistor with it because it provides more spark to
  7. My son inherited his grandpas ‘71 521 p/u. After being towed behind a motor home for about 23,000 miles , it now has a lil’ over 109,000 mi. It needs some work, but in part real good shape. No rust, no major dents( no minor ones either) and electrical seems to be in good working order. After sitting for a year or so, won’t start. My son came to me to help out. I started with the basics, but really couldn’t get to get it to run smooth. Would start and die. My son had already bought and replaced the carburetor with a Webber 2 barrel. I started going thru it starting with cheapest parts first. So
  8. Does anybody know what the relay is on the drivers side of a 71- 521 p/u? Is that a horn relay?? Mine has a blue wire w/yellow stripe coming of #3 pin going to the distributor, is that a ground? I just converted my distributor to electronic and the new distributor has a blade coming off of the vacuum advance, is this where the wire goes??
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