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  1. Thanks @Draker, I messaged @MikeRL411 👍
  2. Who has parts for these available? Have a runner/driver that only needs a few things to tightener up! Thanks in advance
  3. We’ll get it sorted.. thanks for that thread. I wonder how well those welds held up for him.
  4. Got me a gem of a 411! 1967 Datsun RL411 (badged DATSUN1600 for about 4 months before they all started being badged SSS) I just need a few things to get her buttoned up proper, the main one being an exhaust manifold to replace my cracked one. I might look into repairing it and powder coating it for longevity.. if nothing turns up decently soon. thanks for your help!
  5. I’ve actually talked to the guy and he has ‘everything you need to put it together’.. it’s just in shambles.. After a few questions he shows you the patch work on the rocker and the areas he just found bondo. I mean it’s not the worst idea.. but it’s a lot of work. I’m about to pm you
  6. I was about to drive all the way down to central California for one deal that fell through.. this would be half the drive. I have some good friends that would help me trailer something home. No problem. I appreciate any help brother.
  7. I’m in Coeur d’Alene ID so that not too far for the amount of motivation I have.. haha. Pm me some more info for sure! 🙏 thanks!
  8. That’s not super far from me...... 😁 might have a Saturday drive in the works!
  9. Looking for a ‘67 411 Found one when I was 19 years old in 2004/5.. and tragically was totaled in an accident that wasn’t my fault. I’m hoping to find another. I’m sure one of you cool ratsun gentlemen could pass the torch on to someone who’s dream car seems to be pretty hard to nail down. I’m not scared of a project. Thanks in advance! Matt
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