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    1984 Nissan/Datsun King Cab 720
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  1. Scoutsun

    85 720 carbs

    I have the same carb, where can I get the full service manual or diagrams like this for it?
  2. Scoutsun

    Stumped on lean

    Okay fellas. Roman here and I’m almost two weeks in having my ‘84 King Cab 720 4x4 with the z24s and stock hitachi. She’s a beaut. Amazing body, looks like she just rolled off the floor. I really need help figuring this one out.. she really drives great but is running lean, can’t get her to idle lower than 1k and diesels a little. So here’s the scoop... Driving her home the only bolt holding the exhaust flange on popped off and she started screaming at me. First date is going well. Took a look and yep, big ole crack in the manifold and o2 sensor melted. Motor mounts had her throwi
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