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  1. Coop

    521 Cotter Pin / Bolts

    Just wanted to let everyone know, I have ordered some seals for the fulcrum that I have been told might work. I will post photos when installed. About a 4 week wait as they were out of stock. But will update on fitment https://www.thewedgeshopstore.com/seal-king-pin-lower-mgb/
  2. Coop

    521 Cotter Pin / Bolts

    Just ordered a few, thanks so much! I can't believe this was figured out so quickly. Thanks,
  3. I just started a thread looking for cotter bolts that wedge into the fulcrum pin. If these sets are the same I know everyone posting on that thread would want to hear more! I am also looking for a rebuild kit for my fulcrum pins so this would be an amazing find
  4. Coop

    521 Cotter Pin / Bolts

    Honestly... I would buy 10 of them if they were being custom made. Never want to run into this problem again lol
  5. Coop

    521 Cotter Pin / Bolts

    Well when those cotter bolts get made, you have a buyer for 2 of them 100%! PM me when you might have a timeline. I'm doing a full rebuild down to sandblasting the frame so no real rush on my end, as long as I know they are coming at some point in the somewhat near future
  6. Hey Everyone, I am rebuilding my 1969 521 (will make a post shortly!) Am currently just finishing a long fight of drilling out my cotter bolts that wedge into the Fulcrum Pin. I need 2 new cotter bolts for this, and figured I would ask before having these custom made by a machinist. 1) Is there anyone on the forum that might have some of these cotter bolts that I could purchase, OR 2) If I were to have a batch custom made, is that something that might get attention on this site? Thanks and GLTA
  7. Time Left: 8 days and 6 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Selling my J13 datsun engine.. not sure exact KM but can show it is not seized. Has been stored in my basement for 8 years since it was pulled. I have: Original Radiator Carbs x2 Harness J13 Engine Transmission PM me for anything else! Rebuilding a 69 521 from the ground up. In Canada and will have to ship... Prices will not include shipping



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