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  1. Yeah, I didn't weld it and the guy I bought it from swears up and down that it's not welded; but the more I describe the issues I have been having with it, the more it sounds like the diff was welded. I appreciate the input and the potential solution!
  2. I know it's just the tail pipe sniffing that it has to pass, that's for sure haha There are only 2 counties in Idaho (currently) that require emissions testing, and they're not super thorough about it
  3. Has anything been done to the truck? I am moving somewhere that will require emissions testing and I need to know if I am gonna have to undo some of the things to mine in order to legally have it registered haha
  4. Sorry for the vague title but I have no clue how else to word it. To describe the issue: The rear of the truck tends to rattle and shake somewhat violently when making sharp turns. It doesn't sound like grinding, but it definitely does not sound right. Feels like it could be a few things but I don't know how to diagnose any of them. Could be the tops of the tires rubbing against the wheel wells of the bed (the truck is lowered in a very jank way), could just be the result of the diff being welded (will be checking for that on Monday), or could be something that I have absolutely no knowle
  5. Oh okay cool! I didn't realize that the Xterra was RWD, thank you for letting me know! I have found a lot of those for relatively cheap!
  6. Hey all! I just recently bought an '84 720 that has a werber carb and headers, and I want to do an engine swap. After digging around in this forum a bit, I have seen that the KA24E/DE are really common swaps for this truck. I was wondering; what other options are there? I have been having a lot of trouble finding a KA24DE that is rwd and not 3k, without much luck. Any tips?
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