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  1. So I just bought another z to add onto my collection and the issue is there is no spark (assumably) the car will roll over and we got it to start once but I took off and went to 5k rpm before we shut it off. I reset the timing recently, I’ve had no time to go through and get a new battery to see if I can get it to start. I did get a new edelbrock ignition coil and hopefully put the wires on right (previous owner did it janky). The car ran fine a few months ago but we were out on the highway screwing around and surprisingly the cam snapped, didn’t know that was possible. I ended up replacing the cams and shoving my cylinder camera down all six to check pistons and everything was all fine. But now I just have this issue
  2. Yes I love the factory maroon red of my 300zx but here in a few weeks to a month after I get back from Vegas, I would like to get my car wrapped matte black. Reason why I am asking this forum is to see if anyone has gotten there 300zx wrapped or know about wrap jobs. I don't wanna pay a high price or end up getting pissed because i found someone else who does it cheaper, how much would getting a wrap job done cost. I am open to peoples estimates too
  3. First thing I’ll try is a new gauge and my other car is a 50th anniversary of when Nissan started producing cars in 1933
  4. So I am getting arid of my airbox and going to a cold air intake system I designed. My only thing is do I need to keep my MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor) plugged in or will my car run normal without it. If I need to keep it then I’ll have my weld shop fabricate a mount so it will be a part of the build. If I don’t I’ll just say fuck it and sell it to someone else lmao
  5. Okok, imma get on this tomorrow. Thanks for the reply. I’m about to build it into something way different but before I spend a lot of money on the motor (dumb stuff lmao) I wanna get everything going perfect
  6. I just bought a 300zx non turbo (2+2) off a lot for a good deal. I have a 1984 50th year 300zx model as well. I’ve owned her for a few days now and randomly it started to tick randomly. So I started investigating and took it on a little drive through my neighborhood. I looked down to check my speed and realized the oil pressure was running around 0 at idle then when I start going about 20mph the pressure rises to around 10-20. From my previous projects ive had problems somewhat like it where my pressure is low and there is a somewhat tick and came out to be my oil pump. I was recommended this forum from a friend who owns a mechanic shop in Seattle. Is there anyone who can help me troubleshoot this problem?
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