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  1. There was a considerable intake leak and when I fixed it in greatly increased compression. Could that also be a factor?
  2. Water is definitely coming from the heater hose. I need to make sure that it is actually coming from the head gasket. I took it to my shop and they said it was coming from the head gasket. The oil pan is definitely leaking because there is no oil above that point. The valve cover gasket was leaking a very small amount but not enough to trickle all the way down under the oil pan.
  3. that makes the most sense. I'd love to be able to slide the car around and not sure an open dif will let me. Just found out today that my brand new oil pan gasket is leaking along with coolant leaking out of the head gasket (yay!). Planning on doing all of the repairs myself and since i'll have everything off the car I was wondering if there are any parts I should consider upgrading.
  4. I've owned my 1979 Datsun 210 for a little over a month now and over that time i've been able to get the car back into full running shape. I changed all the gaskets and seals along with a new performance radiator and electric fan. I haven't run into any issues yet and i'm still currently figuring out if I can fit bmw e36 seats inside. My main question however is about more power. I'd prefer to not go with a full engine swap just to save time, effort, and time driving the car on the road. Would it be possible to fit a small turbo to the car pushing maybe 6-8 pounds of boost or would that be mor
  5. Thanks! Bulbs are all good! They work sometimes and other times they dont. The left one acts like a normal blinker while the right just stays on like headlights. Neither of them turn off after turning.
  6. Hi sorry this is so delayed but I finally got my car onto a lift and was able to snap some pics (sorry for bad angles). I bought T3 coil overs for the front however I’m not sure what to do with the rear. Could I just put in some new springs and call it a day or do I need to replace shocks as well?
  7. The car does have an aftermarket steering wheel with an nrg adapter. I’ll try taking it apart and testing the wires to see if I tripped something or the whole system is just worn down.
  8. Hi! I recently bought a 1979 Datsun 210 and just finished replacing all the gaskets and new radiator when I realized that my blinkers won’t click off once I finish a turn and the right turn signal turns on but then proceeds to stay stuck with the light on and doesn’t blink. The dial on the dash doesn’t even blink and neither does the outside. Do I need to buy new parts or could it be something electrical?
  9. will the stock shroud fit with the new radiator? I'm guessing I might have to do a little fabrication to get it to fit.
  10. https://www.redlineperformance.co.nz/product/datsun-1200-radiator-alloy/ would something like this work on a b310? Im guessing it would require a little fabrication.
  11. Hello! I recently bought a 1979 datsun 210 and after flushing the coolant system I realized that it was in much worse shape than I expected. I'm most likely going to pass on getting the radiator rebuilt and instead buy a new one. My only problem is that I cannot seem to find one that will fit my car. Does anyone know of any places where I can order a performance radiator for an a14 engine? I am located in SOCAL and have no good connections to get one custom built. I've been told that the 210s are a huge hit in Australia and I am willing to ship from anywhere if that is what it takes.
  12. Good to know! Considering just getting the T3 coilovers and welding them on. Does anyone know if I can just stiffen up the back shocks just using motorcycle oil? They seem relatively new and I just want them to be raised up a bit just because of how low it is in the rear.
  13. I personally am not that skilled but my neighbor is a professional welder who offered to help me with this project.
  14. My car is at the shop right now getting an engine and undercarriage steam clean. Im hoping to not go the 280zx strut route just because it will invole new brakes, rotors, pads, etc right? T3 seems to have a good coil over weld on kit for $265 and it includes all of the parts I will need to do the job. Is it worth doing this or should I go with Mikes tutorial? Ill try to get photos soon but my only problem is that I live on a steep hill which prevents me from safely jacking up my car. https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/310/front-weld-coilover-kit-datsun-310
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