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  1. I followed the turn signal wires and they go from the signal switch through the harness and turn off and go under seat and out the back..the brake light wire keeps going thru harness out firewall..this wire dead shorts to ground when depressed and blows fuses when i hook 12v to one side from fusebox..aside from further tearing apart harness im thinking of installing some aftermarket lights as 3 days on brake lights is not normal for me...this truck is driving me nowhere but crazy
  2. Hazard switch turn off signals but dosnt light hazards..im thinking its in there but it doesn't look like it opens..im about to just run red led lights from the rear and use pedal switch to turn em on..dont know what else to do
  3. At the switch they are both green with yellow stripe one goes to the turn signal switch and has no power the other goes out firewall thru harness "pic earlier" appreciate the help
  4. Just realised my probe only tests continuity..lol Somebody should probably delete this post so somebody as dumb as me dosnt follow it in the future.. sorry...so the brake wire at switch has no voltage when depressed but pedal has continuity should it have 12v in one side?
  5. Rear wires you mentioned in rear do not give voltage when pressed..All of the terminals on the switch are constantly hot at switch even when brake is pressed turning on signals makes the probe flash brighter on probe..the brake switch at pedal has a terminal thats always hot that comes from the signal switch in first picture and one that lights up when pressed thats goes out to firewall both are green and yellow..if thats right then im thinking something is cut somewhere..btw non related what is that box on the firwall do in this picture?..thanks again mike
  6. I diddnt have to pull out seat this was right under passenger side grass..so do the colors change from green and yellow and is so what should i be tracing?..
  7. Well i followed green and yellow wire that gets 12v when pedal is depressed it disappears deep into harness ..im about to pull the seat out and see where it goes but .the factory rear harness only has these colors.. red black stripe, white red stripe, white black stripe, green blue stripe,and black and none of them probe out power when pedals depressed
  8. Thanks haven't got a wheel yet but definitely cant stand those ones with blades in the middle..had one on a Toyota 4wd and it spun and broke my finger..ill look at the momo thanks again.
  9. Hey i was looking thru the old posts and was wondering if NRG is the go to adapter as well as which one? I really dont want to pay the nrg cost if anyone has any other suggestions, thanks
  10. Ok will try that..thanks mike
  11. Update i have power on both sides of terminal at pedal when depressed
  12. Turn signals all work no brake lights and when i pull dukes of hazard switch it shuts off signals but no hazzard ..i think it may be two separate issues as theres no click from under dash when hazard switch pulled..swapped the flashers under the dash with hazards and neither work..swap em back and just have signals again..no brake
  13. Cool so hey quick question when i pressure test it and it leaks which im sure it will how would i tell where it is and if its bot the head gasket?..can it be tested some way after i pull the head off?..thanks again
  14. Introducing when previous owners go wild!! You've never aeen PO's like these ..so hot you'll blow a a gasket! Order now!!... But thats just my 2 cents 😉
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