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  1. Surfaced head by hand. New head gasket. Leaking at manifold..Quick question why in the hell does water flow through intake?..i mean whats the point?.cooling of manifold?..why water through intake?
  2. Thanks for the info.. i dont know much about all that. I do know my pistons are flat 🤣. Im going to try to have in machined and salvage it. Otherwise if i cant find one from maybe one of the forum members or ebay I might debate selling it. Got a little 720 camper for it too. Cause now im dumping all my time and money into my ambulance camper
  3. Whats a closed chamber head? Going to try to see if machine shop can fix it. But if they say no go, where should i try to find another one. Pretty sure scrap yards are a no go.
  4. Diddnt work..got it so level too. 😌 Literally leaks from all sides without even running. Anybody have a head and cam and wanna make some $
  5. Yes you are right it took me a while to figure this out.. its all about stance and not to grab it but push and pull from ports without making downward force so it goes even if not very small downwards pressure males it go uneaven ....now i expend more energy but im only pushing and pulling and letting the weight cut through..im almost there..im concerned about cam but it ran until i took it apart so i feel like im saving one more head at this point. I love these trucks but they need to be owned yny people with money not like me. But im trying. I guarantee it will run when im done because its a Datsun.
  6. Btw its getting more pissed off
  7. Damn..never thought about that..cam moves with a wrench but not by hand..damit..im probably wasting my body away with this..but i intend to beat this bastard..i have advanced RA so its hard enough to grab a wrench let alone ponder how tired i am for doing it..should it spin freely?
  8. I plan on finishing it up with the 180..i shit you not im at probably 5000 pulls. At this point this is an experiment to figure out if you can sand a head that was so warped i could get a popsicle stick in between a level in the center..my bidy is done pulling.. Ive been keeping track after every 100 pulls i use a sharpie to tell how far in getting...ill beat this devil 😂
  9. 50 more pulls or 100 if were technically talking back and forth..well report back sir..thanks again
  10. 50 more pulls with 60 grit..im getting too old for this shit.
  11. Actually took a break from doing just that..,its so warped that im at about 300 or more pulls with 60 grit now. I think the rings are stains as i cant feel them.
  12. Hey look at this..this is where the head gasket was blown out. Im debating filling it with jb weld or something.
  13. Thats genius!.. yes mine is high in the middle haven't put a gauge yet but its noticably high in the middle as well. Im going to try to find some 180 grit paper somewhere local here. Maybe home depot or a cabinet shop or something. Appreciate the suggestion. Will let ya know how it turns out. Thanks again there good buddy
  14. Hey all, getting around to fixing the L18 proper finally..been running it with blown head gasket for some time now "not far just round town" I pulled head off and machine shop said sure bring it by and then said but we don't need valves in it. I dont have a spring compressor and ive never taken them out or a cam for that matter. Should i call another shop or open a can of i dont know what the hell im doing and screwed up my truck ratsun post? Thanks
  15. Yes sir love this truck, drove it 700 miles last month to a wedding with no issues. I was using it to get by until the diesel was done but im going to keep it. Everywhere i go people want to buy it. Actually got pulled over by a cop that wanted to ask me if i had a price ..Seems to me with maintenance it will outlive me. Again thanks for the help as always
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