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  1. SORRY just read the post by YENPIT. THANKS that does clear things up !!!
  2. yes, car will start in gear(manual trans). There is a switch on the clutch pedal,Same as on the brake pedal,but not hooked up. Do u know how to hook-up? or is this for something else?
  3. did not use the wires for the emission stuff, throttle wire or the dual points. Got a electronic ignition & a holley carb with throttle cable.Did not have to use a jumper wire for the neutral safety switch, think i have a manual wiring harness on the car.Still have the issue of the car starting in gear with clutch out (5 speed manual). Have not had time to look @ this yet but hope to fix it proper.ALL other electrical stuff is working great,Quite happy. took car in for wheel alinement on Thurseday,& got insurance. FIRST time in 30 YEARS, car has been on the road!!
  4. been looking @ the wiring diagram sent to me by demo 243 & its all starting to make sense now.Did look earlier but didnt quite get it.Now it seems clear& think found answers to my own questions-looks like b connecting the green/yellowwire to one side of clutch swicth & the green on other end. And the blue/black wire spoke of earlier by glove box was for manual trans. Didnt get it earlier but now not only got the answers but understand it much better now.Dont think could have done it without all your help. Cheers!!
  5. hello Mike, just thinking about changing my user name. Can this b done real easy, or would i need to start as a new member?

    1. datzenmike


      Can be done in a few seconds. Just need the new one

    2. islander


      cool, tried some other ones @ first but they were all taken. think "low tech" would b better suited for me. if its not taken can u make the change for me, or tell me how to ,please.

  6. Well then that all makes sense now. M amaze how much u guys know.Sure glad i got on this site. got my dash all back together,so will stick to the old manual harness for now. The clutch switch is not connected.Would u know what wires should go to it. the car has been peiced together, but think got a manual dash harness.Still got to check into the reverse lights too. Its got a 5-speed now.Just havent look,not too much of a concern now. And hey Banzai 510, in highen sight yea should have went with your suggestion,it would have been alot easier, its just that been reading bad stuff about SOME of t
  7. hey there, found the white tag, but cannot make out the #. For future referance, if it was for an automatic, what wires would need to b connected? The colours on the wires going to trans are; 2 black,2 black/blue & one blue/black.Dont have the sub harness.Tried looking @ wiring diagram, but was no help to me.
  8. well took my time & fixed old harness. Sodeird & used shrink tubes on all my connections & everything seems to b working as it was. Dont know if the replacement was for automatic or what the problem was, but just happy to have it working as it should without hoky. frustration level was getting high, so thanks for your suggestion to fix old harness. U guys r the best !! and happy motoring.
  9. did check the connection & all the colours did match EXCEPT for one extra blue black wire on a 3 wire plug. So its not an exact match. Not sure what u mean by bus bars under fuse box? Will take my time with repair(need coffee) on original harness & let u know how that goes. Thanks !
  10. good advice. Dont want hoky riding in my car. Yea u must b right, seem its not making right/ good connection ther by glove box. Been looking @ old harness and think i will make atempt to fix it. So what did u do to fix buddy car with that problem?
  11. thought about tring to fix old harness, but was burnt bad,not just the plastic but wires burnt in half & unsure how fare damage went. Checked & got power to the black/yellow wire @ ingntion when in start postion but getting no power to black/yellow @ starter? Going to try & get it working proper, but thinking of adding jumper wire from black/blue wire that went to coil to the starter.This makes it work for now. Will keep @ it.
  12. just about to head into the garage now. going to c if the is power to the black/yellow wire @ ignition, as Mike suggested & take it from there.The original harness got fried , mostly ground wires by voltage reg. That happened on my attempt to wire a saturn alt. in. Mixed-up wires, but found the mistake. M sure the electrial gods do not like me!!
  13. Thanks for the reply. Yes u r right the r not all the same. got another complete harness engine & dash & will try this one, except it has 7 plugs by glove box & the other had 6 plugs. got my fingers crossed & hopefully not my wires!!
  14. the one difference between the olds engine harness & the replacement is that,there is one extra wire where it plugs into dash harness.its a plug containing 3 wires . on the engine side it has a green/yellow ,yellow/green & a blue/black one. the dash side does not have the blue/black wire. the old harness did not have blue/black wire . there was just an empty spot in the plug. could this b the problem ??
  15. thanks for the quick reply. thats just the way had it with the black/white & theblack/blue together on pos. coil side.except instead of match box mine is bigger (4"x3") did work before harness swap. checked all connections. not getting power to black/yellow on starter. switch is good,workes when i remove the black/blue from coil & connect to starter.If seeing is beleiveing m just off 17th street if u have time for house call sometime, will gadly have cash.Glad u know what m talking about & keep trying, any other suggestions.plugged & unplugged connections on harness few times.
  16. had to change the wiring harness on my 1970 510 & now the starter is not getting the message from the ignition. had already changed to electronic ignition so there is no resistor. Got the heaver gauge black/white wire on the pos. terminal on coil ( power wnen ign. on) with the black/blue one ( power when in start postion) but get nothing from the black/yellow one to the starter. Will start if i add jumper wire from the black/blue wire to the starter. Thinking it has to do with neutral / clutch wires? have 2 black wires, 2 black/yellow wires & a blue/black wire (kick down?) going to tr
  17. U guys sure do know your Datsuns and all of your advice seems to b right on !! Anyway been a few days now, stupid work keeps getting in the way, but had a fellow Ratsun dude drive an hour & half each direction to come have a look. First he read numbers on harness, looked in his book & this was good. Then turned on headlights,low worked, then tried high, something didnt work. After that he said most likely fuse box,even thou look clean.Did the vineger & salt bath,rinsed with disteled water, dried. Next day sure enough all worked great !! 5min. & 25years experence is all it took
  18. thanks for the advice. Going to get another harness.U R right about all the above. The headlights did work, butr only on low beam.When i get another harness, will get FRIC-FRAC to fix me up with new headlight relay.Thanks again and keep u all posted.
  19. Electric stuff is very confusing to me. it only worked for the first few times.had stuff un-plugged & was trying random stuff.Maybe something to do with bad alternator or maybe the way i have my coil wired? M useing a 2 liter with electronic ignition & no resistor.might have dash wiring from a wagon too ?? ALL very confusing to me. Just graspping @ straws.
  20. Well then, i probable m useing harness from a wagon on my 2dr. Will try and sorce out an nother harness. THANKS for your reply & this site!! Have a great day.
  21. hi there, Newbie here. been putting 1970 510 2door, back together after being apart for 30+ years.Previous owner took it ALL apart. Many missing parts.Anyway got it mostly together,just having wiring trouble, with headlights, signal lights. horn & brake lights work a couple times then both stop working @ same time. 4-ways work & all marker lights. Tried cleaning contacts, switching swtiches,repaceing relays,changeing flasher units,ect. There were many good ideas but haveing no luck. the lastest though is that maybe i am useing engine harness from a wagoon.Seems there is slight differan
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