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  1. U guys sure do know your Datsuns and all of your advice seems to b right on !! Anyway been a few days now, stupid work keeps getting in the way, but had a fellow Ratsun dude drive an hour & half each direction to come have a look. First he read numbers on harness, looked in his book & this was good. Then turned on headlights,low worked, then tried high, something didnt work. After that he said most likely fuse box,even thou look clean.Did the vineger & salt bath,rinsed with disteled water, dried. Next day sure enough all worked great !! 5min. & 25years experence is all it took
  2. thanks for the advice. Going to get another harness.U R right about all the above. The headlights did work, butr only on low beam.When i get another harness, will get FRIC-FRAC to fix me up with new headlight relay.Thanks again and keep u all posted.
  3. Electric stuff is very confusing to me. it only worked for the first few times.had stuff un-plugged & was trying random stuff.Maybe something to do with bad alternator or maybe the way i have my coil wired? M useing a 2 liter with electronic ignition & no resistor.might have dash wiring from a wagon too ?? ALL very confusing to me. Just graspping @ straws.
  4. Well then, i probable m useing harness from a wagon on my 2dr. Will try and sorce out an nother harness. THANKS for your reply & this site!! Have a great day.
  5. hi there, Newbie here. been putting 1970 510 2door, back together after being apart for 30+ years.Previous owner took it ALL apart. Many missing parts.Anyway got it mostly together,just having wiring trouble, with headlights, signal lights. horn & brake lights work a couple times then both stop working @ same time. 4-ways work & all marker lights. Tried cleaning contacts, switching swtiches,repaceing relays,changeing flasher units,ect. There were many good ideas but haveing no luck. the lastest though is that maybe i am useing engine harness from a wagoon.Seems there is slight differan
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