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  1. islander

    water pump

    had Datzen Mike look @ it & yea it seems to b leaking compression in to the cooling sytem.
  2. islander

    water pump

    well its to the parts store we go for a head gasket. Lucky enough to have Datzen Mike watching my back. 🙂
  3. islander

    water pump

    yea, think u got the right place. keep the 510 in the garage. It sounds like you r discribeing my overheating issue to a T. M pretty sure u r right about the head gasket but just want to make sure before i start takeing it apart. Have not done a head gasket before, but think i can.
  4. islander

    water pump

    M just off 17th street,your town. Will make sure m around if u happen to passing by. Dont spend much time on inter-net, but can text @ 250-702-3500.
  5. put in a Saturn (GM) alternator, hoping it will b more reliable then the remanufactured ones and it looks like the water pump is the same as the L16. how about the starter, does the L16 & 2liter use the same starter? Once in a while the starter does not engage proper & seems to stick on for a second after starting ,Should i try putting in a little shim? i remember hearing something about modifiying head gasket, maybe it was for a different head or something, but guess they use differant head gaskets too?
  6. Thanks for the info. Great suggestion on oil.Had a problem years ago with my old chevy cause of low zinc in oil.
  7. islander

    water pump

    with my luck it probably is the head gasket.Something seems not right & there must have been a reason the temp went real high in the first place, druring our heat wave afew weeks ago it did not go over 190. Do u think this could have been caused by run on & popping the cluch ? Should i do a compession check? What would u do next,cause i really do value your opion & will listen & do. Thanks.
  8. islander

    water pump

    had a look this morning & the water in rad did Not bubble when first starting up or when cold. after a few minutes when engine temp got to about 180,(180 termostat) then it started to bubble up. Engine seems to run good. Did not know what a giggle valve was untill yesterday, so m learning.Thinking about putting rad cap on & going for a ride to c if temp rises above 190, What u think, Bad idea??
  9. islander

    water pump

    oh yea, been haveing trouble with run-on.been tring to fix but have been shut off & popping out clutch to kill it. Some thing sounding bad one time lately when shutting off, like something broke.Could this be related?
  10. islander

    water pump

    yes got an aftermarket temp gauge on it. What would my next move be? a compression check? seems to run o.k. but head gasket makes sense cause when looking @ water it bubbles up with with white bubbles.Oil looks good.
  11. hey all, got a 1971 510 that has a 2liter. M wondering when i go to buy parts ,like termostat,temp. sender, plugs ,oil fiter, ect. What year & model do a say i have? dont know what the 2liter came in.
  12. islander

    water pump

    been cruzen in the 510,notice water temp read 230. put in a new aluminum rad & thermostat last month & temp was never went above 190.Checked thermostat in boiling water & was opeaning.Seems like its got an air lock,cause when i look @ the water with rad cap off, instead of circulateing it just wants to boil over.it has a 2 liter instead of the 1.6. So m wondering if the water pump is working? When they go bad do they leak ? or could the impeller have come loose on the water pump? Do not want to cook my engine,so any suggestons? M new to Datsuns.
  13. SORRY just read the post by YENPIT. THANKS that does clear things up !!!
  14. yes, car will start in gear(manual trans). There is a switch on the clutch pedal,Same as on the brake pedal,but not hooked up. Do u know how to hook-up? or is this for something else?
  15. did not use the wires for the emission stuff, throttle wire or the dual points. Got a electronic ignition & a holley carb with throttle cable.Did not have to use a jumper wire for the neutral safety switch, think i have a manual wiring harness on the car.Still have the issue of the car starting in gear with clutch out (5 speed manual). Have not had time to look @ this yet but hope to fix it proper.ALL other electrical stuff is working great,Quite happy. took car in for wheel alinement on Thurseday,& got insurance. FIRST time in 30 YEARS, car has been on the road!!
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