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  1. Hey everybody. Just wanted to see if anybody knows of a company or person selling sr20det engine mounts to mount up to the reversed crossmember. Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. If I run these 15x8 +0 offset in the front with 280zx adjustable coilovers and camber plates with a slight roll and pull will I clear any rubbing on my lower control arms or tie rods? I know I will probably clear the fender and inside wheel well seeing as the track width will be narrowed and and my fenders will be slightly modified. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Tire size I would like to run either 195x50 r15 or a 205x50 r15
  4. Hey everybody I appreciate the replies! Reason I want 8" wide is because that is what I want to run in the rear and I want to be able to rotate my tires. I would like to run a +0 offset. I saw a post asking if 15x8 +0 would would work on a 510. After reading some of the post I found somebody that mentioned they were running this set up with 280zx struts and some camber plates with a slight roll and pull which I am planning on doing to my car. I will be putting an sr20det in this 510 that will hopefully make somewhere around 270 ponies.
  5. Hey everybody I was wondering how wide you can go in the front on a 510 sedan 4door? I want some 15" wheels and i will be running t3 coil overs using 510 strut casings. Possibly some camber plates if necessary. I appreciate your guys input in advance.
  6. Thanks everybody for the input. I decided I will be running a ford 8.8 diff that I will be getting cut to size. For the suspension I referenced the 2jz wagon that im sure some people have seen. He has a 3link set up with a panhard. I will be running a 3 link using the same ae86 links that he used with the techno toy tuning ford 8.8 weld on brackets. Instead of the panhard I will be installing a watts link. I will have to fab some stuff up for the 3rd link mount. Looks like i will need to relocate my fuel tank, so ill just run a fuel cell that i will be cutting into the trunk. Some cutting will
  7. Thanks everybody for the information. Sounds like I need to continue doing some research. I definitely want the car to be able to handle around corners. Ill be driving the car most days out of the week. And also some circuit from time to time. So I definitely need it to handle corners well. I will do some more research on on the 3link suspension with the watts link. If you guys can provide me with some links or photos to look at. That would be great!
  8. Im thinking something like this might work http://www.cardomain.com/ridepost/1666988/1972-datsun-510/
  9. That sounds like a pretty decent option as well. Only thing there is that my Mexican 510 sub frame is not the same as 510s that came with irs. I noticed that i dont have frame rails that run to the back of the car. Which were used to support the rear diff. So those links might not mount to my sub frame.
  10. Yeah i did kinda got attached to the car. Not to mention, its not easy to find dimes now a days. So that was also kind of my thought, it would be different to see a 510 sedan with a straight axle and a 4 link set up. Ill definitely try and post as many pictures possible throughout the process. Right now Im just trying to plan as much as possible before I start purchasing parts. My plan is to first get all the fabricating done. Then send the car out to be all straightened out and painted. I will hopefully have the body shop pull and roll the fenders a little bit. After paint ill hopefully have
  11. I am actually at the beginning of this project. But after some research and taking your guys comments into consideration. It might be less expensive for me to do a ford 8.8 straight axle with a 4 link suspension. Although, I am not sure of all the details on how the 4 link set up will mount up. By different car, do you mean like a completely different project? If so, not really, im interested in making things happen with this 510.
  12. Thanks for the information and the speedy response. I was thinking instead of running the r165 I would run a wrx/sti diff with an lsd. I would need to see what kind of suspension set up to run with a solid axle. I am not a big fan of the leaf spring set up. But, if it works then it works. I will definitely keep that in mind. I appreciate the feedback.
  13. Hello fellow ratsun friends, I am fairly new to this datsun world. Just last year I picked up a 1972 datsun 510 sedan (4 door). My plans for the car are to do a complete resto mod. I will be installing an sr20det which I have came to find out it has been done plenty times. I wanted to reach out in hopes that I can get help/advice from the professionals on something that came up. After purchasing the car I began my search on different options for engine, suspension, wheels/tires etc. Well I came to find out that I bought a mexican imported 510. It has a straight axle in the rear wit
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