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  1. Hey, thanks jagman and datzenmike for the suggestions! I thought it might not come apart, but the whole thing is indeed just bolted together and serviceable. The brushes are a little worn, but making full contact. It was jam packed with dust and other gunk, so I gave it a good scrubbing. I also realized that the bearing (?) where the shaft sits at the back of the housing had gotten a little out of alignment, so I tweaked that back into place. We will see how long it holds up, but so far it runs like a champ again!
  2. Hey folks! So here's a weird one for you: my blower motor has been working intermittently for a while and although it has been getting progressively worse, it still runs strong when it runs at all. I pulled it out of the housing this morning and tested it out by hooking it straight up to the battery. It worked great, so I tested the connections, and I am indeed getting 12V under the dash. After bolting it back up and seeing that the blower wouldn't run right off the battery anymore, I pulled it again and hooked it up with the proper connections. Here is where it gets strange: the m
  3. So I have been struggling since I bought my 1984 720 pickup with the mostly-just-annoying snap, crackle, and pop in my exhaust manifold any time I lay of the accelerator at high RPMs. It is sometimes bad enough if I am engine braking down a steep hill to turn the heads of unwitting pedestrians... I always figured that it was something to do with the previous owner having deleted all of the emissions equipment in a less-than-professional finished product, and only recently learned just what is responsible for it. Now I know that there are a lot of "just rip it all out" emissions typ
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