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  1. Thank you. This is good advice. I will look for one.
  2. So to clarify, the old one went into my 85' 4x4. That is why I still had the old one. The new one went into the 84' Sunrader. The one that was in the 4x4 was bad and it was turned in as a core. I wish I would have known that it was better to keep it. I can exchange the new one as it has a lifetime warranty, but does the fact that it does not have the "condenser and or noise suppressor for the radio" make a difference? Do I still need this part? Thanks.
  3. Thank you. The new Alternator does not have it and installed it without it, but the Battery light came on. It was brighter when I stepped on the gas, but it would not turn off. I put the old Alternator back on and the problem stopped. Does the new alternator require me to put this part on it? Or is it just a bad alternator? Thanks.
  4. Hey all, What is this cylinder looking part (See Image) that connects to the BATT termoinal on the Alternator? I purchased a new alternator and it did not include it. Was I supposed to swap it from theold one alternator to the new alternator? Can a new one be ordered? Thanks!
  5. The plastic die that I used is: SEM Products 15173 Camel Color Coat - 12 oz. Like @Charlie69said, take some measurements. I personally looked for a 96 to 99, and found a 96 at a scrap yard near me. But if you read through the post below from @mx71you can read some of the experiences from other members. I had no issues with my seats. They fit perfectly for me.
  6. We had some really good looking seats in our 84' 720 Sunrader. The cab looked really good, minus the console, which we are working on at the moment. But the seats were definitely not comfortable, something we learned when we first bought it and drove it home 7 hours. Being that it is an RV and we have several long distance trips that we have taken and plan to keep taking, we decided to swap them out for Isuzu Rodeo seats. The seats are a direct bolt in swap and the comfort/support is a huge difference, but we really hated to change the way the door panels and seat upholstery matched. So, below is what we did. Photo one is what the seats look like now. Photo 1. Photo 2. Photo 3. I also took the seat bolt covers from the donor car as you can see in Photo 4. I used a plastic die to color all seat plastic: SEM Products 15173 Camel Color Coat - 12 oz. It turned out pretty good and we will see how the color holds up, but I used it to restore the steering wheel plastic and its has looked good for the last 4 months. The black cable that you see in Photo 4 (bottom left) is for the seat warmers which are on both the seat bottom and the back/lumbar section. I have not wired those in, but will update when they are wired working. Photo 4. In photos 5 and 6 you can see what we started with for both the 720 OG seat and the Isuzu Rodeo Seat. Photo 5. Photo 6. n photo 7 you can see what the plastic portion of the seats looked like before it was removed and painted. Photo 7. The seats are a direct bolt on, but to properly adjust the seat position as it pertains to sliding forwards and backwards, you will need to flip the ECU box upside down, and bend the rear screw mounting backet downwards so the the seat can move feerly. (See Photo 8). Photo 8. Overall, we are happy with the comfort upgrade, and love that we did not change too much of the original styling. I know the DAtsun/Nissan purists might be cringing, but its a Sunrader, so its already outside of the 720 purist box if such a thing exists. Thanks for looking.
  7. If you have your old high pressure hose you would change the mount that mates to the compressor (see image 1 for differences). That is the only change you will need to make to this hose. I changed both ends on mine and kept the newer charging port because I did not have the old hose to begin with. The older hose mount holes do line up f you wanted to give it a try, but I was worried that there would be a leak, so I went with the matching end. You would keep the same mount that mates to the condenser if you have your older hose. If you wanted to keep the newer style hose with the charging ports, that is the only reason to use the modified end that includes the metric beadloc female O Ring 45 Degree M20 x1.5 mm nut to hose adapter. Since your existing system has the port over by the dryer, you don't really need it, so you just convert that port to the newer style using a R134 conversion kit. Image 1. L: 84'/85' style high pressure hose to compressor mount. R: Newer style high pressure hose to compressor mount. Low Pressure Hose The low pressure hose from the end that attaches to the evaporator at the passenger side firewall to the end that attaches to the compressor will be used from a 86 to 96 D21 donor truck. You can also use the compressor from these same trucks as the mounting bolts are the same, though I purchased a new one for just over $200, at partsgeek, part no. Four Seasons:8242-05040532. You cannot attach the 84/85 low pressure hose to the newer compressor as the bolt holes do not line up (see image 2). I used a pipe bender to bend the newer style hose pipe a few degrees upwards to avoid the steering box. It was simple. Image 2. L: Newer low pressure hose to compressor mount. R: 84'/85' older style low pressure hose to compressor mount. Make sure to take a couple of mounting brackets like the one in image 3, as well as several mounting screws that are shown in image 4 (I just took some extras from the truck at the wrecking yard). Image 3. Image 4. Everything should bolt on without issue, once you make the bend to avoid the steering box. The only other thing I did is referenced in my earlier post, and that is to add a heat shield where the high pressure hose is a bit close to the manifold. Hope this helps you.
  8. I think you are right because, am I crazy or is the expansion valve inside the engine compartment (see item 1. in image 1.)where the high pressure line meets the evaporator port? o I might not have to get into the interion box to change the valve after all, atleast not on the 84'. Image 1.
  9. Thank you for sharing this.
  10. @powderfinger and @NC85ST. I will post images of what I did both for the 84 720 Sunrader and for the 85 720 4x4 when I am done. I am working on the A/C for both, so they are set up similarly. For now the Sunrader is ahead in line so I will finish that one first. Hopefully. The low pressure hose ends that meet the evaporator in the 84' and 85' are different from each other in that one is female and the other is male, so the 86 setup did not work on the 84 Sunrader. It could be specific to the RV, I don't know. (See image 1) In the 84' Sunrader I amd using the pathfinder low pressure hose. However the end that mates to the compressor will need to be swapped out to that of an 86 D21. I used the original High Pressure hose, but swaped out the end that mates to the compressor to fit the newer style compressor. The 84/85 Hoses will not mate to the 86 and newer compressor. In the 85' 720 4x4 I use a complete 1986 D21 low pressure hose setup that comes from the evaporator to the compressor. The end on the low pressure hose where it bolts to the compressor is bent upwards about 20 degrees to avoid the steering box(same for the Sunrader). I used a heat shield on the high pressure hose where it almost touches the manifold (image 2). The high pressure discharge hose and valve were used (image 3), but with a modified end that includes metric beadloc female O Ring 45 Degree M20 x1.5 mm Nut to hsoe adapter. (See image 4). The dryer and condenser are new OEM styled pieces. Nothing was changed on them other tha R134 fittings. Image 2. Image 3. Image 4.
  11. Thank you, I ordered the part from Parts Geek last week and have it on-hand. Just need to do the install. Parts geek is also where I got the nes compressor and dryer. Thanks for sharing
  12. This is helpful, thank you. Is it the box under the dash that is closet to blower motor, or is it the box right behind the console/shifter? Thanks again.
  13. No it is a Z24. The air cleaner must have been swapped at some point with a z24i.
  14. Has anyone on here changed out the AC Expansion valve on their 1984 720 truck? Mine is an 84' Nissan 720 Sunrader (Mini RV). I have the Haynes Repair Manual, but they do not suggest a home mechanic work on the A/C due to the refrigerents, so it is not of great help. My system is already free of refrigerent as the compressor and compressor hoses were missing. I installed new metal lines out of a pathfinder that run across the rear along the firewall, and I built new compressor hoses using the ends of an 86 truck to mate them to a new 86' compressor. I have a new condensor and drier as well. The only piece that I am not sure how to change at this point is the expansion valve. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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