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  1. Thanks Datzenmike, yeah, it stalls anytime. If i start it and put it in drive without putting my foot on the accelerator, it stalls. If I let it idle for 20-30min in park, to warm up, then put it in drive, it still stalls. No difference. But... If i keep a light pressure on the accelerator with one foot it will stay running. That is why I thought it was going to be a simple fix. But doesn't seem to work no matter how high I go with the idle, not having tried unreasonably high speeds I guess, if I let me foot off the gas, it stalls, every time without fail and within 2
  2. I've got a 1989 Nissan D21 truck, 2 wheel drive, automatic. Been running great for a long while and then all of a sudden now when I put it in drive, it stalls. BUT if I have a foot on the accelerator pedal, it will keep running. So raised the idle. Kinda worked at first but same issue came back within hours. EFI is computer controlled and seems likely the computer is either working or not so it seems more likely that it's not getting the information it needs from the sensors to balance the fuel mix rather than straight broken, right? I could be wrong... Often am! Could it be th
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