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  1. Hah, that is nice to hear that you have good experience with Serbs. I really think that this car is unique here as there was not many import cars back in the day. Ask them to make you sarma, you mind will be blown hah
  2. There are no engines like that to be found, if I am going to go through this it will not be legal to drive it. I think that I am already pumped enough to buy it, only because I truly believe there is not another one like this in Serbia. So there is no way to fit in FWD in this car?
  3. Thank you, will do. I also think that the price is good enough, the only problem would be to invest time and money into the car and not be able to register it.
  4. I am still thinking about buying it. These cars are a rarity here in Serbia. It could also be a problem with the registration because here only stock engines are allowed. I have found several sr20de engines, mostly from nissan primera's, are they good to be installed in this car? I can get that engine and install it for around 600 dollars. What do you think about the price the owner is asking for (650 dollars).
  5. here they are, seller says that it is made in 1977. Do you guys know which model is it?
  6. There is also no engine in the car, and the owner would sell it to me for 500 euros (around 650 dollars) without the engine.
  7. Well it has round head lights but has no grill or spoiler, but the headlights that are there are round. Line of the car reminds me of 1974 610 but it has only 4 tail lights in the back and that is confusing me because I cannot find any car like it.
  8. Oh, I did not realize that. If you are interested I could send it to your e-mail. 😂
  9. I have recently stumbled upon a Datsun near my house. To find a Datsun is a rare sight here as there was no real import of these cars. However, I cannot identify this car and I need your help. I am sorry guys I am having problems with inserting images
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