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  1. Ok removed the janky trailer wiring. Not the issue. Swapped the hazard and turn signal relay. The turn is faulty. I also noticed that now the fuel pump relay doesn't kick on until 10 seconds into the video, and it's momentarily turned off when I activate the turn signals. Volume all the way up. It's rather quiet
  2. Oh there is some sketchy trailer wiring in the back. I'm going to remove it and see what happens
  3. Extra lamps? I'm not following at all The truck is completely stock
  4. Rebuilt the switches on the stalk. Found all the contacts were corroded. Now it works perfect! But the turn signals still flash quickly. The hazards flash normally
  5. The problem: All new bulbs everywhere. Headlights do whatever they want. High beams don't switch on, ZERO running lights, turn signals light up front and rear, but flash quickly, hazard flashers don't work at all, reverse lights don't work. Brake lights work fine. Maybe a ground problem? Electrical is not my strong suit. Where should I start looking?
  6. Magnaflow 3391005
  7. When I did the test, It was with a brand new cat, literally 1 hour after it was installed
  8. It passed!! I know how to lean-drop the idle, but screwing in the mixture screw all the way doesn't make the engine stop running. On my Land Cruiser, if you turn the mixture all the way in, the engine dies. I currently have the idle set to the FSM 700. I will try pumping it up
  9. It's set to ~1,300 rpm
  10. I replaced the plunger and it's running better, but it hesitates off of idle. If I don't feather the throttle just right, it will die. Any ideas?
  11. So I got the mixture solenoid replaced and it runs great. It stumbles off of idle. I'm fairly sure it's the accelerator pump. The plunger is new, but it doesn't seem to slide up and down inside the chamber easily. Most of actuation is just from the integrated, I think they call it a damper spring, built into the plunger
  12. This is for one of the plugs to the emission control box. My "E" wire does not ground, "A" does. Could I bridge "E" to "A" to obtain ground? Or just run a slice from "E" to ground?
  13. I wasn't paying attention, and I can't seem to find it in the book. Does it matter which ignition coil is intake and exhaust?
  14. The driveshaft yoke that goes into the end of my transmission is phuked. Is it possible to get a replacement? I'm not finding anything online. Is there a part number?
  15. Rotor was fine. So when I disconnected the mixture solenoid, it (surprise) changed the mixture. I have to compensate by opening the throttle a bit more, so instead of it taking on fuel from the idle mixture, it was taking fuel form the venturi
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