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  1. Turns out you are right! Thanks guys! Took apart the bowl section and it was so dirty. Cleaned it up well and got a new seal and she fired right up!. Think it's good for now also running two filters just to make sure no junk gets there again for time being.
  2. Yeah believe so must of been for at least 10 years if I had to guess. Might be so, while pumping the gas pedal no gas isn't squirting inside the carb. Not a drop.
  3. Pump was originally broken since the day I bought it. Changed it it ran with the new pump then after a week it stopped. Pump is still working gas is getting pumped from the tank the line.
  4. Hello guys! I'm new here and just recently picked up this 77 Datsun 620. I got it running for few days idling well and driving it around the block and here and there. I drained the old gas and filled it up with some fresh gas and changed all the spark plugs as well the mechanical fuel pump. Ran well for around a week and now it stopped running. If I pour some gas down the carb it will fire right up and run for few seconds until it stalls. Check the float bowl (the eye to see the gas level on the carb) and it seems bone dry. Pulled the fuel line coming out from the fue
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