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  1. Can anyone else back this up before i spend my hard earned cash? 😛
  2. Another update. Went to get the car check again and this time the only two things they want me to fix is the brakes imbalance and very unfortunately the right lower ball joint. I also understand the left/right are not interchangeable. As far as I am aware they are quite hard to find? I am in NZ so if anyone has any suggestion or knows of someone with one willing to sell please let me know 🙂
  3. Local regulations require a cap that "locks" into place. They sort of click when you spin them like the top of a medicine bottle. I retrofitted a new one on and its hidden under the locked flap. (To be honest I think that regulation is utter bollocks) It definitely has the keyhole shaped lights and the Datsun plate in the engine bay calls it a P410. Interesting thought about the 410 sheer metal crease. Love seeing more knowledge come from this community.
  4. It was seized when I got the car and couldn't move at all. Had to get help to take it out and in the process the thread snapped. Maybe welding it is an option? I did not realize positive ground was so rare. Thanks for the tip about the MG distributors. Will have to look into that. Edit: Grabbing the car tomorrow ill take a photo of it if I can.
  5. So my latest obstacle to getting the Datsun on the road is now the right wiper. It has too much play and the blade wont come down out of view. Anyone have any spare fresh ones? Trying to contact a scrap yard (Horopito) to see if they have what I am looking for. Anyone have other suggestions? I guess I could completely swap the wipers for something else. Pic attached below for the specifics
  6. Wow, so like many threads here its been awhile since my last update. The bird took longer at the panel beaters then expected but they did a great job for the amount I paid. Before the front floor was cleaned up. After. Couple of photos of the extensive rust in the rear floor 😞 After all that work was done and painted. I also got the fuel neck sorted out and now that a compliant locking cap. I believe all I need now is a new pair of rear tires and ill be golden! (edit oops i submitted the images as thumbnails) 😫
  7. If its a 410 it would be positive ground. Not a negative ground. I just had the suspension rebuilt in my 410. They re-tensioned the rear leaf spings, replaced the shocks and re tensioned the front springs. Electrics are super simple on the 410. Only thing is it has had 56 years of people messing with the electrics. When i bought my 410 i could count at least 6 wires that were cut and are hanging. Another thing to note is the 410/411 comes with a generator not an alternator. Finding springs suitable to lower the car might be tricky. My suspensions was modified to make the car lower in someones garage.
  8. Thanks for the advice Lockleaf. Definitely where i will go looking!
  9. Bit of an overdue update on the 'bird. Took it in for an inspection/WOF. Failed and was given a list of stuff to focus on. Nice little shot across the street. Love seeing it parked next to modern cars 😛 As expected the suspension had been modified and has aged poorly so needs replacing. It was sitting directly on the bumpstops. Probably heated not 100% sure until its all pulled out. I don't have the equipment at home to do all this myself so im getting a local mechanic i know to work on it. Plan is to get the leaf springs sent to another shop to get retensioned. While its there he gave me good prices to do all of the suspension so i gave the thumbs up. It was all on the list so needed doing anyway. Spotted a leak on a seal near the front/bottom of the engine. That explains some of the oil loss. Whole thing needs to be pulled and rebuilt if i grow some balls and/or find the money. Another concern brought up was the seat belt anchor points on the floor. Which also raises concern about the structural integrity of the rear floor. Doesn't look too bad under the carpet but who knows until its all been stripped back. Will have to find a weekend to pull the seats out and hit it with a wire wheel. I have also been told my fuel cap needs replacing. The current one is a basic push/pull style which is illegal for road use. Need to get one that locks into place. Maybe something from another datsun can be made to fit? Hope you enjoyed the updates. Can't wait to take it home on the cushy new suspension 😍
  10. Vans are pretty popular here yeah, not my thing though. Chur cuzzie from across the ditch 🤙
  11. Awesome 411(s), giving me the drive to get mine this nice 😛
  12. Sweet van, cant wait to see more photos Cool backstory of the van being bought back 😮 I see a few of these around the place in nz too.
  13. Thanks the510keeper, ]2edeye and slowlearner 🙂 Hoping to get the engine bay cleaned up a little bit, i also need to try find out why there is so much exhaust in the cabin. Possible exhaust leak maybe?
  14. There is a CA18DET available near me for a good price, comes with gearbox, loom, ecu. These engines are pretty small. Anyone attempted one of these? I thought i remember seeing a post about someone abandoning a ca24 swap? Can't find it now. Any info is appreciated cheers 🙂
  15. Thanks rosso, a bit of experience would be great right now 😛 Digging through the old posts to try find relevant content. Might take the car in for a warrant check next week.
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