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  1. Cross posted from Hybrid Z One of the main things that I wanted out of a circle track style hollow bar with splined ends was lighter weight. Turns out the arms that you can buy off the shelf are 3/4" thick steel and are REALLY heavy, so this ended up being a lb or two heavier than the modded MSA bar that I took off. If you're looking at this for a light weight bar, look elsewhere. This is probably revision 457 of my sway bar setup. Some of the highlights of my previous attempts: Started with an MSA front and rear bar set. I had originally bought MSA front and rear bars. Then I had cha
  2. My 12 yo girl was really upset, she went with me to the recycler. She took the license plates off. I think I saw a tear. Bought truck for $250, recycled along with a bunch of junk from the shop and around the house, got $247.80.
  3. Well, this project has taken a sad turn: I went to buy a 95 Pathfinder that is supposed to run great but has a bad clutch today. Deal went south, guy's car got stolen with the title in it and I wasn't about to buy it without the title. So I spent a whole day prepping to buy it and didn't happen. Was talking to the wife about it, she started asking "why do you need the Pathfinder, why do you need this axle, why do you want that steering?" The further I went into it, the more she realized I was about to embark on another years long autox build, and she kinda cut that short by saying, "Let's see
  4. Is it correct to say that all of those body parts swap straight over?
  5. Been prowling the FB classifieds and craigslist. Seeing some early Pathfinders come through, some part outs, some just not running. It looks like the whole front end bodywork transfers over, bumpers, grilles, hood, fenders, maybe even doors on the 2 door models. Since my front end needs a bumper and lights, and flared fenders is probably in the cards, this looks like a decent option. Am I missing anything there? I did read that the doors are a bitch to swap, but not why. I know the seats swap too, but I don't think they'll be what I'm after. My other thought is buy a cheap runner and part
  6. Good to know. Really helps to find this kind of stuff out before putting money down, so thanks again.
  7. Interesting. So I could find a taller geared V6 2wd H233 and swap in an LSD and then run the 5 speed and not have to make a new trans xmember for the Z, and wouldn't have to figure out the button clutch in the AR5 trans. That sounds like the best idea yet. Wasn't exactly looking forward to figuring out a new trans xmember on the Z. Saw an H233 LSD 3rd member for $500 on ebay. Looks like there is one for $800 now. Kinda pricey at $800. Still better than R200 stuff where the factory clutch LSD is unobtainium, and the aftermarket stuff is super expensive like OS Giken or crappy like OBX.
  8. Got a bunch of questions, sorry. How did you figure out which upper control arm to use? Were you just matching the length of the stock arm? What is the advantage? Clearance for the spring? And did you look at using a ball joint reamer on the upright, rather than welding in a plate for the stock ball joint? Is there an advantage to adjusting caster at the control arm vs at the strut rod? Seems like bushing bind would be the major issue there, and maybe this can all be heims jointed with enough effort, allowing more adjustment with less binding.
  9. Big thanks for the welcome and the info guys. I was getting a little frustrated trying to find good tech. Diff has no rear cover, so definitely H190. BTW Tank, nice job on both of your builds. I had another thought: I have a T56 in the Z, which is kinda stupid because the .5:1 OD 6th gear is totally useless and the trans is unnecessarily heavy. I think they weigh 140 lbs or so. Looks like I could drop about 30 lbs by swapping in the AR5. The AR5 has a stupid low 3.75:1 first gear where the Camaro T56 has 2.66:1. The AR5 also has 2.26:1 2nd and I have 4.11s in the Z, which would mean
  10. I picked up an 88 D21 for $250 that is an absolute pile of junk. Body is actually fairly straight, but mechanically it's in really bad shape, 298K miles. NapsZ had the head removed and then the owner died, so it's been sitting for a decade with the head off, engine is junk. Auto trans with column shift. Did have ps and AC from the factory. Had a 93 Toy and a friend with a 92 D21 and we used to race everywhere back in the mid 90s, so it's kind of an impulse buy / nostalgia thing for me, but I wanted to get this truck, strip it to the frame, mod the suspension, LS swap and just use as a dai
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