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  1. Juan Ochoa

    720 4x4 oil pan

    Do you know where I can find these pans?
  2. Juan Ochoa

    720 4x4 oil pan

    Nope, not yet
  3. Juan Ochoa

    720 4x4 oil pan

    So I started working on my 85 720 4x4 and so far it has been easy. I have another 720 I wanted to take the engine out of and use for the 4x4. Here’s the problem, the 720 I’m pulling the engine from is a 2wd model. And from what I learned so far the engine from the 2wd one isn’t going to fit in the 4x4 because the oil pans are different. I was wondering if anybody knows where I can find a pan for the 4x4 because I’ve looked everywhere online and in junkyards and found nothing.
  4. Juan Ochoa

    Lowering a 4x4

    So recently I got my hands on a 85 4x4 Nissan 720. It didn’t have an engine but I have another 720 to swap the engine with. But as I looked at the new truck I thought that the height was a little too high for my tastes and decided that I wanted to lower it. As I tried to research on the internet to see if anyone else has done so, I came back with nothing, and I wanted to see what information you guys can give me to help me reach my goal. I heard it may be too much work and stupid but that’s just how I like it.
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