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  1. Okay good to know! The dude I went to was very cool and did show me the book, he showed me the CA vs fed requirements, I may go back just to ask again I guess we were focused on the CA line but I think it may have been the same for this year. Not sure, also not sure it wasn't removed in the first place. The egr valve has a cap but there are a few hoses going to no where and a holder for a (carbon?) canister by the front for...? Dunno. May check back in with the smog tech I went to or look around for some other smog techs. Thank you
  2. cool thank you. Yea not positive but unfortunately think it has to have all those systems to even be considered to pass smog, and in CA everything 76 and newer has to pass smog if it runs gas. I'll keep an eye out.
  3. Just got a 78 620 and need it to pass smog to register in CA. I think the numbers are pretty good but its missing a few necessary systems as it was previously in Washington and before that Arizona, namely I believe egr valve, an air pump and... Main question is can I find these things at pick n pull or the like off of other cars and if so what cars have compatible parts? Or does anyone here have stuff? or should I just go to auto zone or whatever? Thanks Zephyr
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