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  1. Thank you very much i will get the intake
  2. No the adapter wont fit the intake but after sum digging i found out like ten mins ago that the person who sold it to me said it was a 1984 nissan 720 with a z24 but upon further digging its a 1984 nissan 720 with a z20 so i think i found my issue could i put a z24 intake on the z20? Cuz the junkyard only wants like $20 for a z24 intake and if not what is the right weber carb i need cuz i cant find one for the z20
  3. Yes its the original motor and yes it came with the adapter and yes it had a carb but the stud holes dont line up ill take picture now
  4. So i got a weber carb and its the right one i checked like thirty times and ive tried to make it line up every which way i could but 3/4 studs line up except for one every time it just seems to big but it is the right one so im just really confused ill post a picture in a min
  5. I got 1984 720 and my fuel gauge work when i fully fill it up all the way but after about 15 mins it drops to empty and just doesnt work again im very confused and dont wanna buy anything that isnt nessecary too. If u have any input on what could be causing this let me know please so i know where to start checking first thank you very much
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