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  1. Mike the reason I ask is because these are the type of pictures I get from people when asking if there 71B is 26” or 31.5. Most have no idea that there are two different sizes.
  2. The 8-9" is that to account for the yoke?
  3. I know this is probably a stupid question, but I just wanna make sure I am looking at these transmission correctly. The measurement to get to shorty 26" or long tail 31.5 on 71B's is as shown on pic below? Im on the hunt for a shorty 26" and just want to make sure I am measuring correctly.
  4. My transmission wont stay in 1st gear, so most likely a synchro. The original plan was to rebuild it, then I came across an 85 that is in perfect functioning condition. So now I am just likely going to sell the 84', either as is or with a new transmission. I may just buy all 4, my wife doesnt like the idea, but like you said I think I could easily make my money back or more.
  5. I measured the transmission in my 84’ and 85’, both are 26”, so these won’t work. All 4 were 31.5”. Bummer deal, the guy was going to give me all 4 for $100.
  6. I have to check and make sure tonight. The other 71B has a #2 on it. What are these numbers referring to?
  7. Here are some more pics. I assume the L5 is the L series and the 71B #4 is the Napz? All were 31.5
  8. I am going to look at these transmission later today. The owner got them from a guy who has recently passed. They said they were from late 70's-early 80's Datsun/Nissan. Any idea what I should look for on these to Identify. I am looking for a 5spd 71B for my 84' 4x4.
  9. Ok, that explains why it has never come off fast idle until I hit the gas. But should it take time to increase fast idle on initial start up? Maybe its not that long and i just think it is.
  10. Haven't driven it around enough to check the mileage. Starts cold although it takes awhile for it to get to fast idle while warming, and I have never heard it come off fast idle, I just always hit the pedal after its warmed up. I wouldn't say you can wind the fuck out of it in 2nd or 3rd.
  11. I have the opportunity to pick up a used Weber 32/36 for ~$100. Do not know a lot about it other than the guy said it came off a running 720. Currently my 85 has stock carb on it. Runs fine, I just see a lot of people converting to Weber, so thought this might be an opportunity to convert. Let me know what you guys think.
  12. Mike, turning the choke heater doesn’t seem to move anything. What do you think?
  13. Does that blue wire come off? It seems like it needs to come off to spin that far enough.
  14. 63711665045__8696656E-7DBA-4DD4-BE77-C36FF51EB878.MOV
  15. Ok does that tang go in that notch in the J hook?
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