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    King cab bed cover

    Go to your local upholstery shop, they can make you a custom one. You can either get it done in vinyl or convertible top material. The convertible top material is the more expensive option, however, it’s the better of the two and will last longer. You can choose between black or chrome snaps. The black snaps look the best, in my opinion.
  2. Yes, the long bed frame does extend farther than the KC.
  3. SB 169.2” LB 185” KC 178.7” These are the numbers for the overall length of each truck. There wasn’t a factory made KC long bed.
  4. Better yet, take a standard screwdriver and use it to pry it off. Place the screwdriver in the space where the black spoke meets the brown when facing the wheel. Start at the top. This is better because it looks like your steering wheel could be brittle near the seams. Good luck!
  5. Turn the wheel straight. Put your hands over the horn buttons, your 4 fingers in the seam of the wheel cover and the steering wheel on top and your thumbs in the seam at the bottom. Now grip it and pull with some force back toward you and it will separate the two halves. Each spoke has an expander clip that clips over a plastic piece on the wheel. Do Not push on the “D” and try to turn it, you could break it.
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