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  1. I don’t but I will pull them out when I have the carb off this saturday
  2. I will look for the vacuum leak and I need to work with the idle mixture it’s next on my agenda I won’t be able to get to it until Saturday morning the choke seems to be on more then not so i will check this out and report back
  3. When I changed my plugs they were black my Haines book said it was to rich of a mixture
  4. Not fully close but about an 1/8th open on top
  5. It was not choking so I would close the top plates until she idled I I had my fire order for a L20b I swapped it fired up still acting like the gas isn’t making it to the carb took the carb off cleaned it fixed a few warm down parts put her together back on drove her around the small town I live in took it to work the next day and drove it home about 40 miles altogether drove a couple more times the next few days then when I wrote this article it would latest but not idle finally got her idling after playing with the choke took it for a spin around the block got about 3/4 of a mile away she st
  6. I will be back with results after I replace the carb
  7. I just felt manual was a better option just because it would allow me to choke it but I did wire the choke directly to my ignition coil
  8. I’m gonna get a new Weber I already took her apart and replaced parts and cleaned well but do you think a manual choke is better then a electric?
  9. Last time I was on here I was all over the place I’d like to keep it some what simple this time. I got a 71 521 Datsun pick up with a 32 36 DGAV Weber carb that was converted from a water choke to a electric. After replacing my plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, it would not start I realized I had the fire order wrong once this was fixed it fired up no problem but sputtered when accelerating so I took the carb off and cleaned it replaced a few parts in the Carb. I put the carb on and drove it around my small town and then drove it to work the next day. She drove great all the way there
  10. So I’m thinking it’s a choking issues so I’m gonna just wire the choke directly instead to the toggle I leave the toggle on always but I’m just gonna wire it straight to the source also I’m gonna get the timing set you can hear that it is off a bit but as we speak she’s been running consistently little trouble at first but once she is warm she fires up so I’m thrilled about that it has been warmer the past couple of days just an observation
  11. So she’s alive she’s running and I drove her around the neighbor hood but at some points during driving it would stutter but always came back to an idle and no I need to set the timing just haven’t had the time I’ve got two jobs at the moment haven’t had a chance to really get back to the truck but I’m gonna try and get the timing set by the end of the weekend. During idling in the driveway she at some points would drop way low in rpms and stutter but either died out or came back up to a normal idle but she fires right over no problems all day
  12. Toneloc521

    1971 Datsun 521

    Can we shoot flames out of the exhaust with an L16?
  13. Okay so I am back again since the last time I messed with my Datsun this is where I am at just a quick briefing I have a 1971 521 Pick up and I was having issues starting it it’s has a Weber 32 36 DGAV that was converted to an electrical choke when I first got it the choke wasn’t wired anywhere so I wired it to a toggle switch that is connected to the ignition coil. I changed the spark plugs replaced them with the same NGK model replaced the spark plug wires my distributor cap and rotor(I know now these changes were unnecessary) I had my fire order wrong and once I corrected it I atleast got i
  14. Yea I did the oil change she idled high so I turned the screw to idle lower but she does need some tuning I am gonna adjust these screws and see what sounds good and report back try to get a video with sound uploaded. Should I pick up an additive and should I use Seafoam in the truck I have been told a lot of guys swear by it, appreciate the patience and knowledge
  15. I used a 10w30 she’s running and idling better still need to do some tuning but she’s doing well
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