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  1. After I replaced the regular I had it running for about an hour. It was sitting for about a week and doing same thing again. I did see a few broken wires coming from the TPS and the temp sensor.
  2. Happy new year everyone.... so I'm back to square one. Truck ran after I fixed the fuel pressure regulator and now it's back to doing the same it turns on but won't stay running. Checked for vacuum leaks and nothing even took the intake manifold off to make sure everything was properly installed and nothing. One thing I did notice was some wires are ripped off maybe will do some wire replacement next. Thanks for the help... cheers
  3. Thanks everyone for the support. After a few hours of chasing the possible problems Turns out my fuel pressure is too low. I managed to keep it on when pinching the return line and it kept running smooth for as long as the line was pinched. Will order a new regulator and will test it again.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback, hope everyone is safe out there. So I sharing a video about thats going on on here. 1- changed the MAF. 2- changed the temp sensor. 2- got new gas and filter. Still can't get it to stay on. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/gfl4vFpAaYR6
  5. I think there was a ton of stuff bypassed, none of the gages work, and I have an ignition switch thats connected to a relay box that buzzes when its turned on. But definitely there's some weird stuff happening with the wiring I think.
  6. Thanks everyone 🙏🏽. So started to poke around and got the codes. Calls for 34-knock sensor, 12- air flow meter. 13- temp sensor. I'm replacing those and doing a good tune up. Surprisingly I get the car on without the MAF sensor on but as soon as I plug it in car stalls. Also planning on removing the gas tank and cleaning it out. Since its been sitting and its an old truck. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for the help.
  7. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/guuNOc6pfQVa Here are some pictures of what I'm dealing with. Hope you guys can see it I was having a hard time uploading pictures. I'm wondering if whoever built this out in the SF bay area is on here? Truck seems to have some good bones hopefully I can get it running soon.
  8. Thanks, it's fuel injected and there's a few mods ill be posting pics. I just brought the truck home today so haven't really poked at it.
  9. So I'm new to datsun and the forums. Picked up A 73 620 already with a KA24 swapped BUT is very hard to keep the car on specially when cold. It will crank no problem but it will just sputter off. After trying and trying for while (30 mins) it will stay on and will smooth out once warm. Any help will be appreciated before I start chasing the problem. Thanks 🤙🏾
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