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  1. Thanks for both suggestions! I'll get a fuel pressure gauge immediately, and should've thought of a fuel filter earlier honestly 😭
  2. This is my first time hearing of the anti-dieseling solenoid. I bought a factory a14 mechanical fuel pump and installed (incase the other was for a different vehicle) and same situation with the flooding. The 200sx is running decent now except up hills and over 80ish mph. The b210 with the A14 is still having this flooding issue. - Carb can't be the issue since I've tried 3 different Webers. - I got the tank completely cleaned so that's not it - it has jeep cj7 fuel filter with a return so I don't understand how it can still flood - with bowl empty, if I connect the fuel line to the carb and crank it'll run for maybe 5 seconds then floods out Might be time for an engine swap 😭
  3. Thanks alot for the reply folks, I'm gonna get a new pump and see if it works out better than the other. Should I get another mechanical or go electric?
  4. Hello, I have a 1976 B210 with a new but stock mechanical pump that's having a serious carb flooding issue. I can never get it to idle for longer than 10 seconds. I would disconnect the fuel line and crank with throttle fully engaged and it would run after a few seconds for a good while. I've tried 3 different brand new carbs: Weber 38/38, Weber 32/36, and now a 36/38 is mounted. I've connected a New cj7 fuel filter with return to the tank, no difference. Tried a Spectre fuel pressure regulator with the lowest pressure setting, and the pump still seems to be pumping at the exactly the same rate. Very unsure of where to go from here, I'll be purchasing a fuel pressure gauge to find out exactly how it's pumping soon. Thank you.
  5. So I put a fuel pressure regulator with the lowest possible setting, in addition to the Jeep c7 fuel filter that sends a return back to the tank, and IT'S flooding it, on stock pump. I'm starting to think it's just the carb, even tho it's brand new.
  6. Do Weber 38's have that? I'm assuming I'm have take the top part of the carb off? It's a new carb I'm unsure why it's even having this issue 😭
  7. It's on the stock pump. Fuel inlet? From the tank or carb?
  8. Just in case anyone is having the same issue, it's been solved. Problem was clogged feed tube on the tank. Had a radiator shop clean it out and now it feeds fuek great. New problem tho, keeps flooding the carb haha
  9. Ah haha but I thought it would just keep going. Also putting air pressure to it does nothing and makes the pump continuously build which made me originally think it was a blockage.
  10. Tried poking a wire in, there's definitely a blockage somewhere because it just stops. Drained the fuel and took the tank out, removed the sender too look into the tank, can't really see anything. Blew 150psi into the fuel outlet, just builds pressure and shuts off. Is the only way to open the tank by cutting it open?
  11. Thanks again for your help btw, I'd be completely lost if it wasn't for you. So I tried starting from a bottle of fuel and yes sir it ran from the bottle of fuel. So the culprit must be the tank! Question is how to get into the tank 🤔🤔
  12. So I removed the rear seat and like you said, there's an inlet with a hose. I believe this to be the fuel feed. I removed the existing hose (nothing came out oddly) and replaced it my new hose going to the pump and carb. No fuel coming out. Blew compressed air and still no change, and guesses?
  13. Haha ironically I just did that to every hole, didn't really hear anything, just got a bit of a fuel smell. I think the only next step is to pull the tank at this point.
  14. No change. I'm pretty sure that third one, the orange one, is fuel tank vent hose. I wish there was a diagram of the tank but can't seem to find one. I wonder why no one else has had an issue like this, I thought it'd be common. 😭
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