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  1. Hi i am missing everything past my headers on my exhaust for my truck i was wondering if anyone has a used one or know where i can get a used exhaust thank you
  2. Sorry I haven't got pics up but I've been busy working on my dash IM looking to diesel swap and throw in a 5 speed trans does anyone have any ideas of engine and trans I can use
  3. ive been looking to fix my stripped window gear in my datsun 620 bu i cant find just the nor can i find a way to access it without cutting the door open does anyone have any other ideas
  4. I'll have them by tomorrow I am still working on it
  5. I have the original blue door panel off a Datsun 620 I can send you
  6. I am currently building a rat rod Datsun that will be used for hauling motorcycle long distances it has a sleeper shell with 6 feet of custom bed still expose I will be upgrading suspension and finishing a custom interior including a hand hammered copper dash. It is in the middle of getting a patina
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