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  1. It’s fairly common on older V8s from various manufacturers to have head bolts passing through water jackets. In those cases you would use a thread sealant on those particular bolts. I had assumed not but wanted to be sure. I’ve gone through the entire engine, and have the long block just about finished. Thanks for the answer
  2. I’m putting together an L20b with a u67 head, does anybody know if any of the head bolts go through a water jacket? I want to make sure they’re sealed if they do. Thanks
  3. Doh! I got the wrong cam!! I obviously wasn't paying attention and picked up this nice 252/422 cam, which is for a Z series motor 😒. When I pulled it out of the box I realized that the journals were way too small. Oops! So, after some sleuthing I found an Isky cam that's pretty good, although a bit more aggressive than I had wanted to go. It's a 270/475 that also required springs/retainers/lash caps that worked with it. Oh well, it'll be nice to have all those new parts to put in 😐. On Monday I was able to get the L20B off to the machine shop. T
  4. I'm quite curious about how they are removed, it's the one thing I haven't done yet. The book says to drill/tap a bolt in and pry, is that your method as well?
  5. I've been working out what kind of build I want for this L20, and still have a couple of decisions to make. I had wanted to build something like the long-rod 2.1, but sourcing z20 rods was proving to be difficult. So, with the stock rods I decided to get some 280zx flat-top pistons .020" oversize, bring my bore to 86.5mm. After some back of the napkin math, it should net me about 10.05:1 CR. I like that, 10:1 seems to be a decent streetable compression. Got those pistons coming to me so that I can bring them in when I bring the block in for machining. Next comes the valvetrain, whi
  6. I've been posting pictures on instagram for a couple months now, but I've come to realize that I like how much the community here at Ratsun helps everyone out. Moving forward I'll be documenting my build here in the hopes of gleaning some wisdom from all of you. Thanks in advance! When I was 18 I got an 73 620 as my first real truck, and it was a jalopy. For $500 bucks I got a truck that was used to haul firewood, had 250k+ miles on it, and no back window. I loved it! I wrenched on the thing every day I had off from delivering pizzas in it. Lowered it a couple inches, unwound the torsi
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