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    Polishing metal and wood, painting canvas, and cars, working on cars, and going fast! (in my car)

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! and you have a nice car!
  2. Gosh dang! thats nice! I wish I could buy it XD
  3. umm, I actually really don't know, but the color is really nice!
  4. Thanks! But no, I can't look at it, I just can't stand the rust, there was a post on here a while ago I recently read, and I kind of liked the color. Ima do different wheels and my carbon fiber stuff, and that's really all. But yeah, when I got the car, the owner said they wanted to make it look like that, but when I started looking into these cars a few weeks ago, and I found my obsession to 510's. A while ago, I never noticed/cared really, but there was someone selling their light yellow 510 SSS coupe, and it looked super nice, it said he had just restored it, I wish I could have gotten a loan XD
  5. and if y'all are wondering why i haven't posted a picture of my car yet, that's because it looks like trash, and i'm restoring it. So that's mainly why im on here, is just tips for when I finish working on it, I'm already almost done gutting the interior, and I'm about to pull the engine, so its going to take a while
  6. nah man, I like 2002's and all, but those engines are a pain, because you start driving, and then around 4000, its like it gets a sudden boost, they just aren't the best.
  7. ooooooh, okay. So, I need a way to help distribute weight, would a 40 pound subwoofer in the trunk help
  8. haha, man I wish I could do an LS6 in it XD
  9. Okay, so I'm definitely sticking to the glass XD
  10. So, if that's a race car, would it be a little easier with an everyday car?
  11. Haha well yeah true, I was thinking of a front spoiler, but I know, the car looks ugly with a massive rear spoiler, I just want do the Mtech2, I found one and measured the spoiler to the backend of the 510, and it fits perfectly.
  12. Not to much, I like it as an everyday, but I want it a little lighter to make up for the honkin M54 in it.
  13. Yeah, I was thinking that, but my gf would disapprove XD
  14. Thanks for the tip!
  15. So, if anybody has any tips for making it lighter(not Race-car-lighter) let me know!
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