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  1. Hi All, newbie here who just purchased a Nissan Sunrader. Nissan/Datsun built truck and chassis in December 1983 (came with factory air conditioning) and Gardner Pacific built the motorhome portion February 1984. Vehicle drove fantastic for over 2000 miles and then when I arrived in Georgia for my traveling healthcare job it stopped working. Wouldn’t turn over. I had both the alternator and battery tested and found that they were both not good. I replaced them. The alternator is a 60 amp which is what was recommended for the air conditioned model. Car started up fine and I went on my way. The battery indicator light no longer flickered so I took that as a sign the issue was fixed. Two days later the 720 stalled and thankfully I was able to use one of the batteries from the motorhome to start back up and get to advanced auto and have them test the battery. It was a bad cell. They replaced it for me. Another two days later and the 720 stalls again. Charged the battery up at advanced auto and put it back in. Had them test both the battery and the alternator. Both were ok. elimination mode has started and I have disconnected the two motorhome batteries from the circuit to see how long the truck will run for this time. as a side note i have noticed that the battery light does not come on now even when key is in auxiliary position and all indicator lights are supposed to be on. If there’s a Sunrader group out there please direct me to them. Thanks in advance! -Toff
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